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Clear skinned girl

How are inflammation and acne connected?

by Samantha Lotus January 10, 2018

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Girl with glowing winter skin

6 simple ways to keep your skin glowing this winter!

by Samantha Lotus January 03, 2018

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Sugar addiction

Bad things happen to your brain on sugar

by Dr. Dave's Best November 01, 2017

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Tibetan monk meditation

How mindfulness meditation and Omega 3s will change your life

by Samantha Lotus October 17, 2017

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antioxidant foods

Natural remedy for anxiety, depression and mood disorders

by Samantha Lotus October 03, 2017

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Brain food

Can you really feed your brain?

by Dr. Dave's Best September 28, 2017

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Nurse cat and Doctor dog

Can you help anti age your pets?

by Dr. Dave's Best September 21, 2017

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Child with stethoscope

Are you setting the stage for the health of your children?

by Dr. Dave's Best September 14, 2017

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Salmon steaks

Why are Omega 3s so important?

by Samantha Lotus May 04, 2017

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Wave energy

Treatment for ADHD - Alternative Holistic Medicine

by Samantha Lotus April 24, 2017

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time piece

Rewinding your Cellular Time Clocks

by Dr. Dave's Best April 12, 2017

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Deep water ocean fish


by Samantha Lotus April 10, 2017

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