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How are inflammation and acne connected?

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Most people are led to believe that acne is due to a bacterial overgrowth underneath the skin, however scientific and holistic analysis of the body proves otherwise. Instead of being caused by bacteria, acne is greatly due to underlying inflammation in the body. 

Why is inflammation dangerous?

Inflammation has been linked to a range of health problems ranging from the minor, like joint pain and fatigue, to the deadly, like heart disease and cancer. It is the common underlying factor for every single illness and disease known to man.

When it comes to aesthetics, chronic inflammation is one of the two biggest underlying causes of acne. One of the main factors for causing acne is sebum oxidation, and this is what causes your pores to get blocked, however sebum oxidation does not generally cause acne by itself; it is chronic inflammation that does this. (source)

Although blocked pores do have a part to play, it is chronic inflammation that causes the acne to develop. It is the chronic inflammation that causes acne to worsen, and get to the big, red, and swollen state that acne sufferers dread

Chronic inflammation makes your acne red and swollen

Although p.acnes was the bacteria known to cause acne, it is actually the immune system’s response to p.acnes that directly creates it. When the immune system is functioning healthily, a little bit of bacteria will be cleared away without causing issues.

However, the immune system is constantly on overdrive, it sends out far too many inflammatory chemicals to manage the bacteria. The bacterial cytokines will cause collateral damage to the skin pore, with the result that the surrounding skin goes red, swollen and painful.

In other words, a pimple is created, and acne is born.

What causes inflammation?

There are many causes of inflammation, specifically skin related. Here are the main causes of acne related inflammation:


-Environmental toxins

-Non-organic makeup

-Hormone imbalance

-Poor diet, too much sugar, fried foods, high omega 6

Ways to lower inflammation naturally

 Following a healthy lifestyle with plenty of whole foods, exercise, purified water, sunshine, relaxation and joy is necessary to balance out inflammation in the body.

The most efficient and effective way to easily lower inflammation is by supplementing with a high quality fish oil supplement, such as Dr. Dave's Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

In health,

Samantha Lotus