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Can you help anti age your pets?

2 min read

Nurse cat and Doctor dog

Pet parents be encouraged!  As more research is conducted in human anti aging, veterinary science follows the lead, transferring new therapies to our precious, furry family members.

It’s good to know, there’s a lot you can do to help enhance your beloved pets’ health and well-being, by adding high quality dietary supplements, to their food and snacks.

Fish oil, a stellar performer in the antioxidant arena, shows similar promise in our pets, providing a lot of the same health benefits, when taken consistently.  Dr. Dave’s Best Wild Red Fish Oil has been formulated, keeping our family animals in mind.  This orange burst, liquid formula is easily added to dry or wet food, transforming chow into an antioxidant powerhouse with every meal. 

Here’s a synopsis of the studies done on the benefits of fish oil in dog disorders: 

  • Itchy skin – Afflicted dogs were dosed with EPA/DHA (fish oil) for three weeks. During that time, they showed less tendency to bite themselves, traumatizing their skin less, while their coats showed marked improvement in luster and overall appearance.  Simultaneously, another group of dogs were dosed with flax oil.  While they also showed improvements, 2.3 times as much flax oil as fish oil, was needed, to show similar benefits.
  • Heart problems– Dogs with cardiac conditions, taking daily fish oil, showed better appetite, reduced inflammation and lower frequency of irregular heartbeats.
  • High blood fat - When tested, low fat diets coupled with fish oil supplementation, resolved the condition.
  • Kidney disease – Fish oil dosed dogs had lowered blood pressure (Elevated blood pressure is a symptom of kidney problems) coupled with lower inflammation. That’s fish oil’s potential “reno-protective” effects in action.
  • Osteoarthritis and joint health– Scientists evaluated dogs getting hip replacement surgery for arthritis in their hips. Levels of proteins associated with arthritic inflammation were diminished after dosing with fish oil.

What about ligament injuries?  Again, research shows that severe inflammation may have been reduced during exercise induced stress. 

  • Movement– Dogs tested by taking fish oil showed an improved ability to get up from a resting position. Aging dogs walked better, improved their lameness and became more playful once their discomfort was eased with the Omega 3s in fish oil.

Fish oil, plus the added antioxidant power of astaxanthin is a winning combination you’ll find in Dr. Dave’s Best Wild Red Fish Oil. 

Astaxanthin is unique in its ability to protect all parts of the cell, both the inner and outer cell membranes. This rich red pigment is a carotenoid compound, found in algae, that gives it that deep red color.  It turns baby white flamingos pink, when they eat it. It won’t turn your dog pink, but it will show its antioxidant benefits.

Dogs love the citrus burst flavor.  You’ll love the spring in their step!