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Are you setting the stage for the health of your children?

2 min read

Child with stethoscope

Current studies on the health of our children, specifically our adolescents and young teens, are very disturbing, particularly those that look at the vascular health of young people, while also looking at blood pressure, body fat, weight and diabetes, as well as other parameters we generally associate with inflammation in the body.

The villain, as usual is inflammation, causing many chronic diseases we used to associate only with aging, but now it’s crossed generations.

Before we go into the exact findings of the study, let’s go back 50+ years to the Korean War.  During that war, autopsies were performed on many of the men who died in battle and while battle damage accounted for the deaths, in most cases, a surprising finding emerged.  Many of these young men were heading towards premature death from heart disease (heart attacks specifically).  The autopsies showed significant blockage in soldiers as young as 18!

Now fast forward to modern times and see what kind of progress we have made.  None apparently!  As a matter of fact, it looks like we’re sliding backwards.

A more recent study used non-invasive measures like ultrasound to look at the neck arteries and heart chamber size of our children, along with the other things mentioned.  Now, a significant number of our youngsters have blockages in the carotid (neck) arteries, abnormal heart function, high blood pressure and pre- or full-blown diabetes!


Obesity, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle.

At the rate we're going, this is the first generation that will have a shorter lifespan than their parents!

On the bright side, the study did suggest the use of fish oil as an alternative to statin drugs.  Fish oil, as we’ve been touting in many previous blogs, is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Dr. Dave’s Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oilis a pure, potent, effective way to meet essential fatty acid requirements.

There are thousands of studies showing the benefits, superior to satin drugs, in heart attack prevention and treatment, as well as decreased incidence of strokes, improved insulin function in diabetes and reduced blood fats as well.

Fish oil is also one of the more reliable ways to increase good HDL cholesterol (typically a measure of less inflammation in the body, in most cases).

For kids between 5 and 10, the recommended dosage is 1 to 2 fish oil per day, for 10 to 16 it's 2 to 3 per day and after 16 years old, they can go to adult doses of 4 to 6 per day, especially if the are in high stress sports, or academics!

The good news is, it works in adults, too.

Most of the illnesses of aging have a “lag time”, even though we are seeing them younger and younger, these days.  The sooner we address these issues in our kids, the more likely they are to have a long and vital health span.

Dr. Dave’s Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is the safe, pure way to support a brighter, healthier future for you and your children.  Get some for the family, today!