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Bad things happen to your brain on sugar

2 min read

Sugar addiction

Current research in food science and scientific studies in general, show increasingly negative impacts to your brain, on sugar.  Despite what Big Food may lead you to believe, a high carb diet is far from harmless.  Modifying your diet to eliminate excess, added sugar helps preserve your brain, mood and overall health.

 Not paying attention, can hijack your mental acuity and capacity to function effectively.  Here’s the short list of what to watch out for:

  1. Sweets can make you stupid.

 2014 studies indicate that sugar negatively affects your recall, spatial awareness and learning capacity.  Fortunately, Omega 3s can mitigate this affect.  Al natural, Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 is physician formulated to provide you with high quality, purified Omega 3s essential to your diet.

  1. Sugar can make you sad. 

While you may experience an initial uptick in your mood, after indulging in sweet treats, it comes at a high price to your good mood. Studies show a correlation between eating sugar and the onset of clinical depression, the kind of sadness where you’re non-functional, can’t get out of bed, when overwhelmingly bad feelings seep into your soul and render you helpless.  Sweets can also exacerbate anxiety and poor stress response.  So, the initial high is met with a corresponding low.

  1. Sugar makes you slow

The roller coaster takes its toll on you, as your blood sugar spikes then drops.  You’re forever “chasing your tail", trying to stabilize. You can’t focus, think straight or respond confidently.  Never mind the preoccupation with getting more and more sweets.

  1. Sugar is addictive.

 Even worse than cocaine and methamphetamines, sugar creates addiction.  The more you eat, the better you feel, until you don’t and your cravings overwhelm you, becoming your first response to stress or sadness. 

Studies connect high sugar diets to increased drug abuse, opening the door to further addictions. 

Sugar can also increase your likelihood for Alzheimer’s.  Studies done as early as 2013, showed compromised cognitive function resulting from highcarb/sugar diets.

Basically, the Standard American Diet sets you up for Type 2 diabetes and may lead to type 3 diabetes.  (Alzheimer’s is often referred to as the 3rd type of diabetes.)

As you navigate the challenges of modern daily life, set yourself up for success by monitoring your carbs/sugars and adding a high-quality Omega 3 to your diet, like Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85. 

Your brain will thank you in years to come.