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Dr. Dave's Best Immune Booster

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Product Description

  • A healthy immune system requires balance and harmony.  While it’s still a complex mystery, researchers continue to study the effects of diet, age, exercise and stress in both animals and humans, hoping to unlock the secrets of your innate and adaptive immune system.
  • Among best foods for immune system support are deeply pigmented fruits, especially berries like blueberries, black raspberries and the antioxidant king, elderberries. Since they’re somewhat bitter in taste, Dr. Dave’s Best makes it easy for you by packing 700 mg of Elderberry fruit powder per capsule.  Two a day and you’re on your way to healthier days.
  • A weakened immune system is caused most commonly by nutrition deficiency, with one of the most damaging foods being sugar. After eating about 100 grams of carbs, which your body processes as sugar, your white blood cells, the “warriors” in your blood that attack intruders like bacteria and viruses, are 50% compromised. That makes it a whole lot easier for the pathogens to win.
  • As published in the Journal of Nutrition, elderberry shows insulin like effects which support more efficient clearing of excess sugar from your bloodstream. More help for a bad immune system.
  • When researchers tested the antioxidant capacity of Elderberries, compounds called anthocyanins showed significant ability to counteract free radical damage. In addition to these potent antioxidants, Elderberries contain 87% of the daily value for vitamin C, plus significant of potassium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin A, beta carotene and fiber. Translation – boost immune system fast


Small but mighty, the power of Elderberries, tiny and purple, have been touted as a folk remedy, worldwide and for centuries. Compounds, called Bioflavonoids, help combat flu virus and lessen the symptoms by fortifying your immune system to help fend off viral and bacterial assaults.

In vitro (test tube) studies have shown that these Bioflavonoids contain compounds called anthocyanins, which assist your immune system in producing specific proteins called cytokines, the “warriors” that help defend against disease.

Elderberries are indicated as a natural remedy for many conditions.  In competition with other berries, they rank higher than goji berries, blue berries and black berries.

Here’s a list of reported benefits: 

  • Reduces infections and inflammation
  • Lessens cold and flu symptoms
  • Improves sinus problems and respiratory ailments
  • High nutritional content can help lower the risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Improves joint aches, pains and other arthritic conditions
  • Makes workouts easier and recovery time faster

Using a patented process developed in Austria and Italy, we’ve taken the most effective variety of Elderberries (yes, there are important potency distinctions) and extracted the antioxidant power.  After we concentrate the extract, we freeze-dry it into a fine powder and encapsulate it for the easiest absorption into your body.


 To keep your immune system in top condition, you need to get your full spectrum of fruits and vegetables, every single day. Most people don’t even come close, so think of it as an insurance policy for maximum immune system health.

 Nurse a cold?  Nonsense, your time is precious. If you’ve got the sniffles or feel a bit “under the weather”, take action and call in the “big guns”, or better yet, the small berries.

Supplement Facts


Q: I am on a budget. What is the lowest dose of which type of Boost product to take?
A: I would use one a day of Immune Boost for the absolute basic minimum or antioxidants.

Q: It sounds like you think everyone should be on this. Is there anyone who doesn’t need it?
A: Sure. If you get 10 servings of fruits and vegetables 7 days a week, 365 days a year and you sleep at least 8 hours a night, have no health problems, everyone in your family lives to be a least 100 and healthy, you have no stress in your life and you do only mild to moderate exercise, you probably don’t need Immune Booster, or Cardio Booster, for that matter.

Q: I know that Cardio Booster and Immune Booster are both full of berry antioxidants. Should I use both?
A: I think practically everybody needs Immune Booster, but Cardio Booster is best utilized by people with specific needs, such as those with cardiac conditions or risk, or athletes. If you do any amount of athletics, your performance and recovery can be enhanced by using both Cardio and Immune Booster. A typical routine using both would be two Immune and two Cardio capsules twice a day.

Q: Can you take Immune Booster with Fish Oil?
A: You absolutely can and should take them together. In fact, they are even more beneficial when used together. Fish Oil is a combination of essential fatty acids, EFA and DHA. Since it is a fat, it gets put into structures in your body that need fats. Hormones cell membranes especially brain and nervous tissue. It fights inflammation and does many other things by influencing very short lived hormone like chemicals in your body called eicosanoids. Immune Booster is water-soluble and stays mainly in the bloodstream where it soaks up inflammation-causing free radicals directly.

Q: How are the extracts purified and prepared?
A: The extracts are purified and concentrated by micro encapsulation, the most advanced process available for human consumption. Then they are flash ultra pasteurized to 250 degrees F for preservation and purity. There is no cleaner process available for this type of foodstuff.