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Dr. Dave's Best CBD Oil - Peppermint Flavor

  • The Power of CBD

    As the growing opioid crisis reaches epidemic proportions, physicians and scientists are wracking their brains for natural compounds, to help ease the chronic and psychic pain, rampant in today’s society. Undeniably, Mother nature offers a pharmacopeia of healing agents designed to do just that, without any self-destructive or dangerous side effects.
    Hemp and CBD oil, having been around for hundreds of years, are now resurrected, as a potential antidote for unremitting pain, anxiety and psychosis, which are, for many people, inherent in the human condition.
    Appearing everywhere, from your local coffee shop as an additive to baked goods to gummys and even vaped, this resurgence is based on randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies. In everyday speak, this means that the therapy stands up to scientific rigors imposed by scientists, as they test the theories that CBD is good for your body and mind.
    Not just any CBD though, to ensure that these natural pain killers do no harm, they must be untainted by the toxins found so frequently in our soils.