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Dr. Dave's Best Daily Dose Pack

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Product Description

  • If you’re focusing on just essentials, this is the most practical, versatile approach to supplements, addressing all your nutritional bases.
  • You’ll get essential Omega 3 fatty acids, the bulk of vitamins and minerals you need for vibrant health and a whopping dose of those important purple antioxidants from Mother Nature’s potent chokeberry and black currant.
  • Fighting free radical damage is the name of the game, critical to keeping you young, virile and energetic. Antioxidants, the kinds you get in this bundle protect you at a cellular level, neutralizing the damage from day to day living, as well as major stressors.
  • This combination provides the optimum balance of natural vitamins and minerals, that your body recognizes as food.
  • Possibly, you don’t eat as well as you should and could use some help fending off fatigue, vulneraility to colds and flu, and other conditions that cause wear and tear on your body. These ingredients are building blocks to address common health issues.


 If you’re looking for an uncomplicated regimen with the best quality supplements, to nourish your body, on a daily basis, Dr. Dave’s Best Daily Dose Pack fills the bill. You get nothing but pure, high quality ingredients, designed to work synergistically in the exact proportion you need for overall wellness.

The practical, versatile Daily Dose Pack contains:

 This broadbrush, antioxidant bundle meets or exceeds specified FDA Minimum Daily Allowances or Recommended Daily Allowances. Formulated by physicians, who know a thing or two about the human body, these supplements seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine, while serving a multitude of functions:

  • Helps balance your hormones, improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and supports your cartilage and joints
  • May combat depression, improve moods and help you gain the cognitive and visual benefits of antioxidants plus improved circulation
  • Fights Alzheimers, helps improve yur memory and IQ
  • Fends off heart attacks, second heart attacks and strokes
  • Improves the ratio of testosterone to its metabolite DHT

 Consistently following a healthy lifestyle, (ie. Don’t smoke, manage your stress levels, eat a well balanced diet, meditate) coupled with high quality supplements gives you huge wellness advantages.  Don’t skimp on quality, choose physican designed formulations and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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