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Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster

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 Cardio Booster harnesses the power of berries, the Kings of Antioxidants – Chokeberry and Black Currant, to protect your cells against oxidative stress. As a water-soluble compound, this supplement stays mainly in your blood stream, where it soaks up inflammation causing free radicals like a sponge.

 By increasing a vital blood chemical, Nitric Oxide, Cardio Booster helps you go longer and get stronger without harmful side effects.After more than 60 thousand studies done in the last 20 years and a Nobel Prize in Medicine, scientists have more than tested the important signaling role of nitric oxide.

When your cells “talk” to each other, good things can happen.  Things like:

  • Cardio vascular benefits – relaxes narrowed blood vessels which improves your blood flow and oxygen levels by compensating for plaque buildup.
  • Well-regulated blood pressure
  • Viagra like benefits – helping overcome impotence by restoring blood flow through unhealthy arteries.
  • Improved memory by better nerve cell transmission
  • Better sleep quality
  • Enhanced endurance and athletic performance, your secret weapon against lactic acid buildup

Overall improved blood flow helps your body stay in shape, prevents disease and reduces signs of aging.  Chokeberry and Black Currant, berries with the most potent staining power, are also the strongest antioxidants.

The truth is, most people don’t get their full spectrum of fruits and vegetables every day.  If you are under nourished, over 60, have high blood pressure or are athletic, turn to the Cardio Booster and come alive again!

Supplement Facts


Q: I know that Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster and Dr. Dave's Best Immune Booster are both full of berry antioxidants. Should I use both?
A: I think practically everybody needs Immune Booster, but Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster is best utilized by people with specific needs, such as those with cardiac conditions or risk, or athletes. If you do any amount of athletics, your performance and recovery can be enhanced by using both Cardio and Immune Booster. A typical routine using both would be two Immune and two Cardio capsules twice a day.

Q: How does the term "ORAC" compare to Anthocyanidin level?
A: ORAC is a laboratory-contrived measurement which has less meaning in the real world than anthocyanidin level. While Dr. Dave's Best Immune Booster is the King of Anthocyanidins, Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster is the King of ORAC. Clinicians rely on the anthocyanidin content as a measurement.

Q: What is the maximum dose an average person or average athlete should use?
A: Do not exceed a total of 6 capsules a day unless you are a high-level competitive athlete.

Q: You mentioned using Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster specifically for workouts. How do I do that?
A: We recommend three capsules 30 minutes before and three capsules 30 minutes after. This will provide you with maximum blood flow before and after exercise.

Q: Can you take Dr. Dave's Best Cardio Booster with Fish Oil, and what is the difference?
A: You absolutely can and should take them together. In fact, they are even more beneficial when used together. Fish Oil is a combination of essential fatty acids, EFA and DHA. Since it is a fat, it gets put into structures in your body that need fats. Hormones cell membranes especially brain and nervous tissue. It fights inflammation and does many other things by influencing very short lived hormone like chemicals in your body called eicosanoids. Cardio Booster is water-soluble and stays mainly in the bloodstream where it soaks up inflammation-causing free radicals directly.

Q: How are the extracts purified and prepared?
A: The extracts are purified and concentrated by micro encapsulation, the most advanced process available for human consumption. Then they are flash ultra pasteurized to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for preservation and purity. There is no cleaner process available for this type of foodstuff.

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