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Reverse Aging Skin Fast with Just a Few Drops a Day!!!

I finally found something TOTALLY NEW out there, that is worthy of the Dr. Dave’s Best name. This is something I have literally been trying to find for years and it is here now and I want to share it with you.

The product is a revolutionary new skin care cosmeceutical called RG-Cell and we now have an exclusive distribution agreement with the company to market it here in the US and a bunch of other places around the globe.

If you have or are a Special Lady who needs to treat her skin like it’s golden, this is for you! I know at least a few of you guys will want to skip the reading and order right now as well, because men are finally starting to understand skin aging can be combated.

This is not Cutting Edge – It’s Bleeding Edge Science!!!

But before I tell you the specifics, let me tell you about what I was looking for.

First, the product had to be perfect in terms of my own personal expectations. I have often said to you, “Hey, I do this for me and I invite you to come along”. I have always been 100% serious about that.

I went into anti-aging medicine because I want to live a long healthy life. For the past 10 years, I have been sharing my discoveries with you, because they are so astounding. But, I have also always told you, if you don’t want to listen, I am not going to try to force it on you. I do this for me and my family first and you get to come along, if you want to. I guess that is a fancy way of telling you, this new product is something I have tried, my family has tried, and my “beta” testers have tried and it got the universal thumbs up, “Ya gotta release it, Doc!” approval.

Next, it had to be made to the scrupulous standards in a lab that is responsive to my needs and can handle the purity issues without batting an eye, after all, I put my name on or behind the stuff I sell.

Finally, it had to be absolute cutting edge – no, BLEEDING EDGE! It had to be unique and new and so technologically advanced that the copy cats will have to spend months to years and a huge chunk of change to make anything remotely close. Otherwise, you could buy it anywhere and probably would!

But you can’t, because yours truly is, as Muhammad Ali used to say, “The Onliest One!”

This is how it has always been for you and me at Dr. Dave’s Best and this new product is no deviation. See the science behind RG Cell.

Simply put, it’s EXTRAORDINARY so much so that I broke a TEN YEAR VOW to get it to YOU!

Now, you might have guessed by now, this skin product is my very first ever. Yes, it really did take 10 years of searching to find one that fit the above criteria. I would love to tell you I invented it – I did not – but rest assured, this is exactly what I would have done if I had the same expertise that the inventors at RG-Cell did in this area. Here’s a little hint for the future though; this lab is so good I will trust them to make my own personal formulations that have been sitting in the vault, waiting for this day.

In the meantime, RG-Cell is a phenomenal place to start and I am more than a little jealous at what they have come up with for you and me to reverse the aging process in our skin.

You are the first ever to get a crack at it because I have exclusive distribution rights and so do you since you are one of my valued readers and have let me into your home and hopefully your brain, for however long you’ve been with me. You are one of Dr. Dave’s Best!

We also have discounted cases of RG-Cell for our skin and health care professionals.

Now let me tell you about why I am breaking my “Ten year vow of skin care silence” for this particular product.

You know from my writing and the book, “The Immortality Edge” that I have a unique knowledge base of anti-aging secrets to share with you. You also know that I have an extensive background and expertise in telomeres and telomerase, stem cells and epigenetics, and of course, omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil!). Basically, I love anything and all things that are related to those topics, because I feel that, that is where the future of human health and longevity is.

RG-Cell is a stem cell activator of the first magnitude, and unlike other products on the market, it has more than one activator in it. These activators, also known as cytokines (sigh-toe-kines) are capable of turning on stem cells. They are capable of getting sleepy stem cells to wake up and move to areas of damaged skin, where they are most needed. They are capable of replenishing stem cells in their nests by a process called clonal expansion, so you don’t run out of young, fresh, active stem cells (Yes! Stem cells can age too!).

A constant, steady supply of young fresh stem cells means that old tired and worn out skin cells can be replaced by young ones, faster than you ever imagined possible. The result? Young Fresh Skin of course!

And more good news… Your skin is actually a cooperative component here, because skin turnover is normally very rapid anyway and the demand for stem cells is always very high. The problem is, as you age past 35 or so, you can no longer meet the demand for fresh young healthy stem cells in most cases. The skin has more stem cells than just about any organ system we know of, but if they are old and tired, your skin gets old and tired.

Now, the ingredients are too numerous to list here and I have included a special “Product Ingredients/Product Description” page link below so you can educate yourself completely on this amazing discovery, but I want to focus on a couple of things right now.

First, the stem cell activators include blue green algae extract, which is a tried and true stem cell activator. Actually, this is where most products stop and understandably so, since it works really well and has a solid scientific background, even though it was only introduced about a year ago. Now, I told you I needed ‘bloody edge’ super stem cell stimulation, so here are the other ingredients that turn on stem cells in RG-Cell.

  1. Rh Epidermal Growth Factor – This regulates stem cell proliferation and like the name says, it stimulates new skin growth via those very same stem cells. It’s so good, the guy who discovered it, Stanley Cohen of Vanderbilt University, won a Nobel prize in Medicine for his discovery!
  2. Not one, but Five specific stem cell growth stimulants: VEGF, IGF-1, EGF, and both basic and acidic EGF’s .
  3. Caviar Extract! ** Yes I know it sounds unbelievable, but caviar extract was actually discovered and scientifically proven to be a cell stimulator, just a few short months ago (go to PubMed and type in “caviar skin” and you’ll see the citation!) and it’s already in this product! *

Now of course there is more – much more – so let me briefly break the rest of the ingredients down for you. While stem cell stimulation would be enough for anybody, RG-Cell is a total skin rejuvenation product, because once you’ve got new cells, you want to get them to do what they are supposed to do and keep the skin healthy for as long as you can.

The appearance of your skin, its ability to resist and repair damage, and its appearance, young or old, can be broken down into a few basic factors that go along with stem cells.

First is hydration. The degree to which your skin is hydrated is a reflection of your own total body water or hydration status, the hydration status of the skin itself including the spaces around the cells (the extra cellular matrix), and the amount of water the actual skin cells retain. RG cell has FOUR, count’em, four specific hydrating factors.

Second is the amount of healthy skin (epidermal) proteins, primarily collagen and elastin in the outer layers of the skin and the amount of damaging cross-linked proteins, including one called Fibronectin, that are also there. RG-Cell facilitates a healthy balance of these proteins and can increase collagen/elastin production in the skin, reducing wrinkles and furrows caused by aging.

Third is the presence, or absence of inflammation in the skin. This is really no different than the rest of your body. Excess inflammation can lead to unhealthy blemishes, accelerated aging and redness that makes you look tired and worn out. RG-Cell has SIX specific natural anti-inflammatory/disinfectant compounds to reduce redness, speed up healing and restore that youthful glow we all want people to see.

Fourth you also need increased blood flow to the area, to support the health of these newly regenerated skin cells. RG-Cell contains a special Adenosome, to increase blood flow to the outer layers of the skin and enhance “substrate” (vitamins and mineral) delivery.

Finally, you need a way to get all this good stuff deep into the epidermal layers of the skin where the stem cells live, where the proteins are made and where the wrinkles and furrows form. RG-Cell uses double layered micro encapsulation technology, similar to what I used to create my very own fish oil water, which I described on myFACEBOOK page a while back. This protects the ingredients from degradation and ensures they get exactly where they will do the most good.

Now understand, this was just a brief overview. If you want/need more information to make your decision go to theRG-Cell Ingredients and Description page.

But, I do have to tell you, I only have a limited supply and the pricing will never be better or repeated this way again after the Christmas Sale.

RG-Cell sells for $99.99/bottle plus shipping and handling. I cannot guarantee this price will last so my advice is ACT NOW! Its also available on subscription continuity at $89.95 a bottle

It’s totally greaseless absorbs super fast and spreads easily across large areas of your face with just a few drops

Now, I want to share a few impressions with you, before I let you go. The first thing I said when I saw the product is, “Gee, this is a tiny bottle that looks like a Botox injection vial!” I was not even sure you weren’t supposed to inject it! Then I opened the bottle and smelled it. WOW! What a pleasant light fragrance. Not overpowering but very compelling. It just smells Healthy!!!

I gently squeezed the special pump applicator until four drops came out onto the fingers of my left hand. I looked at the RG people quizzically. This teeny tiny little bit?!!! It was all they could do not to laugh out loud. “Just spread it, doctor and you’ll see.”

Now, I know it is physically impossible for a product to make more of itself, but that tiny little bit completely covered all of my face and neck and I even had a bit left to rub into my ears! And that was with a total of only 3 to 4 drops using the special bulb applicator.

Here’s another thing, I had been using another Stem Cell product which I thought was very good. This product disappointed me a bit though for two reasons. First, they do not list their ingredients which I understand is to protect themselves from product thievery. But, I like to know what I am putting on my skin. Our page has full disclosure. The bigger problem though, was their product was just plain greasy. After a few hours of wearing it, I got a “youthful glow” that I remembered when I was a teenager with acne! It was a youthful greasy glow.

Not so with RG-Cell. It’s completely absorbed within a few minutes of application. No greasy glow, no mess, no waxes parabens/paraffins and no acne!

As a gift your loved one will remember this forever and thank you forever as well!

It took exactly 3 days of once-a-day use, before I was 100% convinced my skin was looking fresher, better hydrated and more youthful. Now, you have to remember, I already take massive quantities of fish oil, CO Q10 and of course, TA-65. This was in addition to all of that and I still saw a rapid change for the better.

Let me close by saying how excited I am to bring this product to you. I want to remind you it is not just for women!!! Guys will love it too and it’s not like makeup! No one will ever know you are babying your skin. No one will ever know you are not getting Botox or “work” done on your skin, unless you tell them about RG-Cell.

I want to remind you gentlemen that, if you are searching for a great gift for that special woman in your life, she’ll remember this one forever!!!

And while you are at it get some for yourself with the Subscribe and Save Option so you don’t run out.


I would just like to say how impressed I am with RG-Cell. I have a scar from a burn on my chest that is discolored and has very bad texture. I noticed a small but very significant difference the next morning after just one application!!! I’ve used RG-Cell now for four days and my scar is definately fading and the skin texture is very much improved!! If I’m getting this type of results after just four days (twice daily application)… I can NOT WAIT to see how much better my skin will look after four months and beyond! I’m also using RG-Cell on my face and neck and love what i’m seeing happen…THANK YOU!

– Kim (RN), Phoenix Arizona

*The caviar extract used in the PubMed article is a specific brand with specific ingredients. The caviar extract in RG-cell is different in some ways but I actually consider our product superior to the one in the study!

** DO NOT — USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO CAVIAR!!!! There have been no documented cases of allergy to this product but follow the above warning. Please note caviar allergy is extremely rare and IS NOT THE SAME as fish allergy or seafood allergy.

Also note, there are several herbal/flower extracts in this product which may cause allergy in sensitive people. Please see the RG-Cell ingredients list and The science behind RG Cell.

Please consult your allergist if you have concerns about using this product, or a history of allergy.


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