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What is Dr. Dave’s Best?

Dr. Dave’s Best is an organization committed to the development and evolution a full range of the best anti-aging supplements and cosmetics, designed to reach the broadest base possible, from young to old, elite athletes to week end warriors, men and women in the prime of their lives, approaching, or in their golden years. It is our mission to provide you with the best natural supplements that are top quality and have and highest efficacy at optimal dosages, all while being affordable. We do the work for you, separating the wheat from the chaff, giving you the best and most current information in today’s dynamic anti-aging field, keeping you abreast of the latest research and developments. 

How old is Dr. Dave’s Best?

Dr. Dave’s Best was incorporated in 2002 by Dr. Dave Woynarowski, its original founder who was in clinical practice for 15 years as an internist. Over the years, he saw his healthy patients present consistently healthy markers for blood pressure, flexibility, cognitive function, and endurance which inspired him to create natural supplements to help people, of all ages, maintain these healthy profiles.  In 2015, the company merged with BioStem Technologies to provide more resources allowing us more in-depth research of the latest trends in the best natural supplements and cosmetics, bringing them to market quickly and affordably without compromising quality.

Why are Dr. Dave’s Best pharmaceutical-grade supplements more advanced than other dietary supplements?

Dr.Dave’s Best was pioneering in several areas:

  • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil – as early as 2002, our company was touting the benefits of Omega 3’s, known as adaptogens, because they benefit so many of your body’s organs and systems. Several years later, Omega 3’s, or marine lipids reached universal popularity, as the general public became aware of the many favorable impacts they have on heart and brain health, vision, joints, allergies and a multitude of other benefits. Dr. Dave’s Best offers the fish oil “trifecta” (1) Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, (2) Ultra 85 and (3) Wild Red Fish Oil. Each is an incredbily high EPA and DHA fish oil.
  • Raspberry Keytones - the thermogenic berry compound that Dr. Oz popularized was offered several years prior in our Ultra Strength Fat Furnace supplement.  By specifically targeting your fat cells, this compound has helped our customers fight the “battle of the bulge” without dangerous side effects.
  • Telomere research – now published in a host of popular magazines, our founder was globetrotting years earlier, consulting with telomere research scientists, the likes of Maria Balasco and Bill Andrews, both premiere in their fields. Telomeres, the end caps on your DNA strands are key predictors of how well your cells replicate and potentially how long you will live.  After the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded in 2009, the buzz around the anti-aging enzyme, telomerase reached fever pitch.  As usual, Dr. Dave’s Best was ahead of the curve, offering our AM/PM Telomere Edge Packs, designed to help maintain telomere length.

What are Dr. Dave’s Best quality control standards?

Dr. Dave’s Best raw materials are the purest, highest-quality ingredients from environmentally sustainable sources. Our commitment to excellence, from start to finish, ensures that our suppliers strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined in CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Procedure). They are FDA-compliant in labeling, storing, and manufacturing herbal supplements. Facilities are consistently inspected by the Department of Health, passing inspection codes for cleanliness, building maintenance, and production procedures. Production paperwork and procedures meet the guidelines required by documentation and process. Specific, product-related examples include:

  • Our non-GMO fish oil products meet the FDA purity standards for pharmaceutical grade fish oil.
  • Our CoQ10 sources the most absorbable form of CoenzymeQ10, ubiquinol, from Kaneka QH. It is derived from KanekaQ10®, the world's most recognized and researched CoQ10 ingredient.
  • Telomere Edge Packs include Astragalus Root Extract, the most effective raw material to create a favorable environment for telomeres to maintain their length.
  • MET 191 has been tested in humans by a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study. 

Does the label accurately document the capsule contents in the bottle?

Dr. Dave’s Best adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Procedures ensuring that ingredients and dosages are accurately reflected on the labels.  All raw material is individually tested to meet the spec for that material. After ingredients are blended and weighed out, final capsules are randomly weighed again to confirm that their final weight meets the targets as specified. These are truly pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

What specific needs do you address with dietary supplements and cosmetics?

Dr. Dave’s Best is adamant about taking some form of high-quality fish oil, since your body requires essential fatty acids and cannot “manufacture” them on its own. Termed an adaptogen, since it helps so many body systems and functions, everyone benefits in multiple ways from taking fish oil. We offer both liquid and capsule forms to meet your daily needs and recommend using a pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 supplements. 

We provide a broad range of supplements and cosmetics designed to help maximize your wellness, avoid potential health problems down the road and positively influence existing health conditions you may have. 

Do I need to worry about magnesium stearate used in some capsules?

Magnesium stearate, a salt containing stearic acid, is often used as a flow agent in small amounts to ensure that ingredients don’t clump together within capsules. It also aids in the manufacturing process to prevent ingredients from adhering to the encapsulation machinery, instead of disbursing the correct amounts within your capsules. There is no known risk associated with using magnesium stearate in the small quantity included in the production of dietary supplements.  These small amounts are significantly less than the quantity of dietary stearic acid you consume daily in foods like eggs, fish, poultry, and meat. In fact, when used according to GMP guidelines, magnesium stearate helps produce a higher-quality dietary supplement.

What about other ingredients, on the supplement labels?

These are inactive but play an important part in the manufacture of the best natural supplements.  They serve one or more functions, either helping achieve ingredient uniformity within capsules, accurately distributing ingredients throughout the capsule or protecting capsules from prematurely dissolving.

Are there any ingredients in your dietary supplements that I should be concerned about?

Dr. Dave’s Best supplements do not contain any of the following ingredients identified as harmful by expert panels of researchers and physicians.  The list of compounds you should avoid are:

  1. Aconite
  2. Caffeine Powder
  3. Chaparral
  4. Coltsfoot
  5. Comfrey
  6. Germander
  7. Greater Celandine
  8. Kava
  9. Lobelia
  10. Methylsynephrine
  11. Pennyroyal Oil
  12. Red Yeast Rice
  13. Usnic acid
  14. Yohimbe

What methods of payment do you offer?

Dr. Dave’s Best accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as Paypal. Orders are money back guaranteed and all credit card information is encrypted and secure. We do not share any of your personal information, name, address, email, etc.

You can also mail a check payable to Dr. Dave’s Best to the following address:

Dr. Dave’s Best
4749 NE 11th Ave
Oakland Park, FL   33334

What are my shipping charges?

Dr. Dave’s Best offers free economy shipping via USPS for all orders in the continental US. 

How do I order Dr. Dave’s Best supplements?

You can find our health supplements online at, call us at 954 380 8342, or live chat on our website.

Do you accept returns?

If your purchase does not work out for any reason, we will either replace or refund the product.

If you are returning a product, please send back to the following address:

Dr. Dave’s Best
4749 NE 11th Ave
Oakland Park, FL   33334

If you are signed up for subscriptions, you can cancel at any time. If you’ve received the package already, you can refuse it unopened and we will refund the product cost.

How do I keep abreast of the latest special events at Dr. Dave’s Best?

Sign up for our newsletter on our website and follow us on Facebook, where we post our campaigns and current, relevant, health related articles designed to keep you informed about all the latest anti-aging trends.