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BioStem Wellness Met191

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“Everything old is new again” say the researchers, rediscovering the power of ancient roots like Barberry and Picrorhiza Extract, now combined in BioStem Wellness’ newest supplement, Met 191.

In placebo controlled, double blind studies, done on a test population from all walks of life, Met 191 performed well, addressing aspects of Metabolic Syndrome from obesity and elevated lipids, to high blood pressure and blood sugar.

A bit about Berberine, a bioactive compound derived from the Barberry root:

  • Traditional Chinese medicine relies on this compound to aid in the treatment of high blood sugar and hypertension.
  • By activating AMPK, an enzyme in your body’s cells, it can effect a state similar to increased exercise, coupled with lower calorie intake. Both are considered significant life style improvements.
  • Berberine may impact the gene expression regulating your metabolism
  • It can modify glucose, resulting in significant reduction in your blood sugar levels, avoiding damage to your organs and tissues
  • The results on subjects with type 2 diabetes are similar to the well-known diabetes drug, Metformin.
  • This compound helps good gut bacteria multiply, slowing carbohydrate metabolism.

The lesser known but still effective Picrorhiza Root Extract may also have therapeutic benefits:

  • This root contains apocynin, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which also reduces clotting
  • It’s renowned in Aurvedic and Chinese medicine to manage liver enzyme levels.
  • Active ingredients in the root may mitigate liver toxicity.
  • Other studies conducted on Picrorhiza show that it might reduce cholesterol levels

Despite your high stress lifestyle with all its temptations, there’s help from the past.  Don’t let metabolic syndrome get a hold of you.  Fight back with Met 191, ancient medicine's antidote to modern problems.


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