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Obesity, The Silent Killer

2 min read

Obesity, The Silent Killer

Today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle leaves many looking for effective ways to manage stress, avoid weight gain, and maintain consistent energy. These are all necessary features to thrive, grow and avoid chronic diseases that sap your strength, drain your resources and leave you feeling less than vital.

Certain indications may increase your risk for developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke such as:

• Excess fat around the middle
• High triglycerides
• Low levels of HDL (the good cholesterol)
• High blood pressure
• Increased blood sugar levels

The diagnosis is Metabolic Syndrome. According to the American Heart Association, just under 25% of adults have this diagnosis. If you are among the aging population, don’t get enough physical exercise or have a family history, your odds of being afflicted are even higher.

While the obesity epidemic has gained a stronghold in America, there’s no reason you need to add to this statistic. Scientists have uncovered increasing patterns of weight gain, in our country, driven mainly by SAD (Standard American Diet) as people continue to dig their own graves.

But, as usual, there’s lots of hope and healing in your future, the result of conscientious lifestyle choices. Nothing glamorous, just good behavior over time, will likely work wonders where your health is concerned. Things like healthy weight levels, good food, not smoking, and quality sleep are just what the doctor ordered.

Chronic and progressive in nature, the sooner you get on top of your risk factors, the better your odds of avoiding the pitfalls. Dr. Dave’s Best has created the Daily Synergy Packto help you on your way, by introducing natural supplements into your daily regimen.

Luckily, it’s not totally SAD, because resulting chronic health problems are avoidable. Take charge of your health day by day. Add the Daily Synergy Pack to your daily routine and reap the benefits. It’s up to you. Your health is in your hands.

A combination of CoQ10 Ubiquinol, Ultra 85 Fish Oil, and Monster Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplements, cover your bases by supporting your energy, keeping your inflammation at acceptable levels and providing the added nourishment you need as an adjunct to your healthy diet.