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Your Cells are Back in Business

2 min read

DNA man

The message is plain and simple, according to Maria Blasco, director of the Telomere and Telomerase Research Group in Madrid, ”humans born with shorter telomeres, live shorter lives.”

As your DNA strands replicate, the end caps, called telomeres, get shorter with each successive cell division. 

You can see where this is going!  As you age, your shortened telomeres are unable to protect your chromosomes, so your cells die and you age more rapidly.  In short, bad things happen, when telomeres are short.

  • DNA structures become disorganized and don’t function as well
  • Chromosomes break
  • Chromosomes are rearranged which can lead to possible mutations and cancer
  • Gene expression is compromised.

But, there is always hope!  When telomeres are lengthened, your gene expression gets better an in turn you get better, optimal even!  What’s the "magic"?  It's telomerase, the enzyme that creates a favorable environment, for telomeres to get longer.  Research shows that when the telomerase gene is expressed in aging cells, telomeres do lengthen and your cells are “back in business, happily replicating” like they did when they were young.  Cells that used to be senescent (basically, no longer dividing), regain their ability to proliferate and once again become involved in repairing tissue.

Actually, it goes back as far as in utero, when you’re still “swimming around” in amniotic fluid.  If your Mother had lower stress levels, when she was carrying you, you were more likely to be born with longer, healthier telomeres.  If you started out with that advantage build, on your good luck by managing your anxiety levels, sleeping enough and eating healthy foods.  Even if Mom wasn’t relaxed before you were born, you can still mitigate the damage with good epigenetics and the right supplements. Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs may be those supplements!

Unfortunately, current research shows that an average 10 year old is not as healthy as in prior generations.

In fact their telomeres are short enough to reduce their lifespan by 10 years. Back to our PhD, Maria Blasco, who says that humans today, are born with shorter telomeres than prior generations, due to mutations that compromise their ability to regenerate tissue.  You can have a lot of fun in 10 years.  Who’d want to lose that! But, it doesn’t matter as much, how you started, as how you finish.

Here are some of the benefits Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs may offer:

  • Increased strength, endurance and energy
  • Sharper focus, better memory and less confusion
  • Relaxes state of mind
  • Darker hair and longer nails
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Better and more consistent sleep
  • Repaired lining of the large and small intestines
  • Improvement in Alzheimer symptoms

This is only scratching the surface, and of course, the scientists all say “More research needs to be conducted”.  So, maybe the results are anecdotal at this point. It’s real enough for us!  Why wait, get Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packs.  Try it now and see for yourself. You’ve got a lot of livin’ to do!