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Would you like to have more energy, feel younger and live longer?

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Total health optimization is the name of the game for achieving vitality and longevity.

One of the best parts of my job as a holistic nutrition practitioner is that I get to help my clients transform from the inside out. Knowing that I helped someone not only look 10 years younger but also feel 10 years younger is incredibly rewarding. Having more energy, strength and vigour now means being able to go on adventures, run marathons, play with children, work more efficiently, achieve their goals, push their boundaries and not feel exhausted.

 Beyond attending to stress management, improving the diet and getting people to exercise, I always include effective supplements to help boost their body's capabilities. 

When it comes to energy, vitality and overall health, I choose to use Dr. Dave's Best CoQ10.

 The body requires a massive amount of energy to function, especially the heart which is continuously at work without ever resting. The heart muscle (myocardium) needs the highest level of energetic support of all the organs, which it gains from the availability of CoQ10. This nutrient is so important to the function of the heart that the tissues become increasingly susceptible to free radical attack, inflammation and disease is correlated with a decrease in the blood volume of CoQ10. 

Why I use CoQ10 with my clients

When you supplement appropriately with CoQ10, it sparks the production of cellular fuel called ATP, recharges the energy system in the heart and allows for the heart to pump blood more efficiently while also cleaning up destructive free radicals.

Effects of low CoQ10 in the body

 When your body is low in CoQ10, it does not have the capacity to function optimally, which will result in fatigue, hypoactivity, brain fog and premature aging. More serious conditions caused by a CoQ10 deficiency is congestive heart failure, which is yet another reason why taking CoQ10 is one of the most effective natural remedies for conditions ranging from exhaustion to heart disease.

 The way CoQ10 deficiency is first noted is by general fatigue, poor endurance and low mood and enthusiasm for life. If you are starting to experience the symptoms of low CoQ10, I recommend making some dietary changes, increasing your exercise, supplementing with Dr. Dave's Best CoQ10.

In health & happiness,

 Samantha Lotus

Holistic Nutrition Practitioner