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Why Buy Your Supplements From A Top Supplement Brand?

4 min read

Why Buy Your Supplements From A Top Supplement Brand?

Our customers represent just about every demographic out there. Some are young and looking for a brain nutrition supplement that can help them focus, while others are starting to grow older and are looking for anti-aging supplements for mental health. Some are health food fanatics, while others are looking for the best natural supplements to help address the effects of years of eating poorly.

No matter why you’re here, you’re looking for something that will work, a pharmaceutical-grade supplement that will do what it says it will. But even more important is that the product that you’re purchasing won’t harm you in any way. A product that simply doesn’t work is bad enough; after all, you paid money for it and expect results. But even worse is a product that could harm you, often because of the manufacturing process involved.

How do you ensure that you’re getting something that’s of the highest quality? How can you do the most vetting in order to ensure that you're not getting something that could harm you? Let’s take a look at what to look for — and what to avoid — when searching for the best natural supplements.

Made In The USA Really is Better

There’s nothing wrong with certain products made in the other countries. Do you want a Persian rug made in Portugal? Champagne made in Russia? You're only going to find the best digital cameras coming from Japan or Germany; good luck finding a digital camera made in the USA!

In fact, some food items are perfectly fine even if they’re not made in the United States. There aren’t a lot of states that can grow a pineapple, for instance. And most of us enjoy hitting a unique grocery store now and again, one that caters mostly to people from other regions of the world, to find that special ingredient for a recipe.

But when it comes to supplements, you don’t want the kind that are mass-produced in a foreign country. In short, you can’t see what’s in a supplement, and you can’t test what’s in it (or even if it contains what it says it does). You have no idea under what conditions they were manufactured. Let’s take a look at why these points are so important.

Let’s Talk About The Facility

Creating pharmaceutical-grade supplements in this country means jumping through a lot of hoops, and that’s a good thing. For instance, Dr. Dave’s Best products are all manufactured in a facility that adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Procedure (aka CGMP). The Department of Health can inspect us at any time, as can the FDA. 

What can go wrong in a facility that isn’t set up according to these standards? Well, cross-contamination of ingredients is one concern. The same machines can be used to manufacture multiple types of supplements, and if they aren’t properly cleaned out between batches then allergic reactions can be a concern. You also have to worry about if the machines are being cleaned at all, or if the workers are wearing the proper gear, such as masks or respirators, to keep everything sanitary.

Are You Sure What’s On The Label Is Actually In There?

The FDA is overburdened. Even though they’re supposed to inspect supplements coming in from foreign countries, they simply don’t have the resources to do so for every shipment. When you take something that's coming in from overseas, you might simply be getting a sugar pill and wasting your money.

On the other hand, BioStem and Dr. Dave’s Best products all comply withFDA-compliant in labeling. When we say there’s a particular ingredient in our supplements, it’s in there and we can prove it!

A Bit About Storage

Look at most any supplement bottle and it will suggest keeping it in a cool, dry place away from light and heat. You can probably guess why: light and heat speed up the decomposition of just about any substance, from foodstuffs to textiles to plastics. When you purchase from a lesser manufacturer, you have no guarantee that what you’ve ordered will have been properly stored before it gets to you. You could be getting something that’s a year or more old and has been stored in a hot, humid environment. That can significantly affect the effective dosage you get from your supplement.

Of course, those coming from overseas have spent a month on a hot shipping container on the ocean. Having them shipped directly to your from our climate-controlled warehouse means that your high-quality supplements will receive the least amount of heat and humidity possible.

We Value Our Resources

We believe it’s important to use sustainable resources in all of our products. For items such as multivitamins and others that have ingredients from multiple sources, we do the research to ensure that we’re getting them from suppliers who are as interested in sustaining our planet as we are. 

When it comes to your body and what you put in it, you really don’t want to take any chances. Are there cheaper supplements out there? Certainly, but you might not be getting what you think you’re getting. Buy from a top supplement brand and you’re much more likely to get the results you’re looking for!