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What Time of Day Is Best For Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

4 min read

What Time of Day Is Best For Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

We’re always asked how to make the most use of our pharmaceutical-grade supplement. After all, we like to think of our Anti-aging vitamin supplements and non-GMO fish oils as the best natural supplements on the market; we want people to make the most of them so that they can make the most of their health. Like any business, we’re incredibly interested in having people back as return customers after they find out just why we’re known as a top supplement brand.

Still, after you place your order, we have no control over the way in which you use our supplements. First and foremost, you should follow the instructions on the label. We’d certainly suggest talking with your doctor regarding what’s best for you, but we thought we’d offer some ideas on ways that customers have taken our supplements

Follow the Label

We’ll say it again: you should always take your supplements according to the label directions. This includes the dosage as well as time of day and/or with meals. If there’s no indication on when to take it on the label, follow the suggestions below. Otherwise, the label should always be the best indicator regarding how to take supplements.

Take Them When You Can Remember

Are you at your best when you wake up in the morning, or are you more of a night owl? If you have your anti-aging vitamin supplements by the sink in the morning, will you remember to take them? If not, maybe they should be a “just before bed” sort of routine.

When Your Stomach Is On Board

Sometimes even the best natural supplements can cause a bit of upset stomach as your body adapts to the nutrients contained within. Stomach temperaments vary from person to person, and each person can react differently throughout the day. If you take a supplement in the morning and it makes you feel a bit off, try it at a different time of day next time. Chances are you’ll be able to find the time of day that your insides are more interested in cooperating.

If that doesn't work, consider trying to...

Take Them With A Meal

The highest-quality supplements often have the highest concentration of beneficial ingredients. Such an influx can lead to minor intestinal distress sometimes, which can often be alleviated by simply having your supplement with a meal. The addition of food can ensure that the stomach isn’t confused by the high-potency supplement you’ve just introduced.

Again, it’s important to consult the label so that any food or drink you have isn’t interfering with the proper absorption of our pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Sometimes it’s better to take them with a meal, sometimes 30 minutes before.

If you are taking them with a meal…

Consider Some Fat

If you have a particularly sensitive stomach and have decided that taking your supplements with a meal is right for you, we have a bit more advice. You might want to take your supplements with some fatty foods, especiallymultivitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are more readily absorbed with some fat in your diet.

But aren’t fats bad? Not at all. Fat is an essential macronutrient. It’stoo much fat that seems to be bad, and there are certain good fats that you need to survive. Having your supplements with saturated fats can be beneficial in more ways that one!

Your Schedule Might Decide

Let’s say you’ve decided that taking your supplements with a meal works best for you. If you go out to work every day with your coworkers, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to be pulling out pills to take in front of them. While you could let them in on the secret and tell them that you’re just taking pharmaceutical-grade supplements, that’s kind of an awkward thing to say. And if you don’t tell them what you’re taking, they might wonder “what’s wrong with him?” In such a situation, most people prefer to simply wait until they get home and take those pills with their evening meal.

Similarly, if you’re at home alone all day you might to have your non-GMO fish oil pills with lunch instead of at supper. Supper is when you might have dinner with the family, and you might be so concerned with cooking a full meal that you’re too busy to make time for taking the supplements.

Of course, we also offer the best supplements for brain health. Looking for a boost in the morning? Perhaps that’s the right time for you.

Fourth Time’s A Charm

We’re just going to say this one last time: follow the instructions on each label when taking any medicine or supplement. The best natural supplements have been studied thoroughly in order to ensure that the included instructions benefit the greatest amount of people and guarantee maximum absorption.

We work hard to create and curate the absolute best supplements out there, and we hope the suggestions above help you get the most out of them. If you have any more questions, we’d love to talk with you.Click on this link and you’ll be able to talk to someone who really knows the product and can get you the answer you’re looking for. And if you’re ready to order, find Dr. Dave’s Bestright here!