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What’s the Big Food bait and switch?

2 min read

Girl eating giant chocolate bar

There have been a lot of food articles, on the internet, lately, that are very misleading, not to mention confusing.  Imagine that!  The public is not being “fed” accurate information about sugar, the "white death". 

Many of us are getting sicker, fatter and older, before our time.

Want the straight scoop?

Our national consumption of high fructose corn syrup has gone down by 11% but don’t do the happy dance yet, because despite this promising trend, over all sugar consumption has increased.  Thanks to the Sugar Industry, we are advised to go back to refined sugar, a “healthy, natural” alternative.  Ah yes, marketing at its finest and screw the consumer, because the story's not so sweet.

OK, so high fructose corn sugar is even more unhealthy than refined, but table sugar still does very bad things to your metabolism, like increasing your risk of heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, kidney stones and gout.  The list goes on and on, not to mention rotting your teeth, causing strokes and diabetes.

Unfortunately, we have a serious sugar addiction that doesn’t show signs of improvement, at least in the near future.

 Big Food markets “healthy” substitutes like maple syrup, brown sugar and turbinado sugar, but it’s ALL poison!

Wonder where that spare tire around the middle comes from?  How about that drop in energy, after a cookie, or the mood swings for no reason?   A lot of it may be caused by too much sweet stuff in your diet. 

Well, we’re genetically programmed to like energy dense foods like sugar, from back in the cave man days, when food was scarce and hard to find.  But now, it’s destroying our health in epic proportions. Coupled with our sedentary lifestyle, no wonder it’s a recipe for disaster!

I wouldn’t sit back and wait for Big Food to fix the problem, unless it turns out to be profitable for them. Meanwhile, take hold of the reigns and curb your cravings.  Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace  is designed to help you do just that.  A powerful combination of appetite suppressants, sugar balancers and raspberry ketones. 

Say goodbye to the fat suit and sugar roller coaster.  Say hello to good moods, clear thinking and overall vitality again.

Big Food won’t help you with that.  Dr.  Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace, will. 

No bait and switch tradeoff in wellbeing, for the bottom line.  Start today and see for yourself.