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What’s red and comes from the sea?

2 min read

What’s red and comes from the sea?

Answer: Fish and shellfish (crustaceans) like salmon, crab, lobster, and shrimp.
You care if you like the taste of seafood, but you’re probably also interested in the significant health benefits to be gained, from these creatures’ rich, red-pigmented flesh. On the other hand, you don’t want too much of a good thing, since such delicacies are swimming in oceans full of toxins.
Eating seafood twice a week, probably won’t hurt you, but to get your dosage of necessary antioxidants, you need to supplement your diet. It’s difficult to reap the benefits, yet still, avoid the poisons in the sea, but it can be done. Just add Dr. Dave’s Best liquid Wild Red Fish Oil to your food – apple sauce, smoothies or even straight from the bottle, it tastes great.
That beautiful pink presentation, found in our favorite kinds of seafood, is a reflection of their algae diet. Throughout their lives, these hearty little algae organisms “never say die,” even though they are continually stressed by intense ultraviolet light, drought, and starvation. To cope, they create spores, their natural defense mechanism. That’s where astaxanthin, a very versatile antioxidant, comes from.
One of the unique features of astaxanthin is that it penetrates the blood-brain and retinal barrier that typically screens out larger molecules. This could mean better eye health for you.
The shortlist of maladies that astaxanthin might improve are:
·     Eyestrain
·     Retinopathy (when the retina becomes highly vascular due to chronic disease like diabetes)
·     Cataracts
·     Glaucoma
·     Macular degeneration
·     Eye diseases caused by inflammation such as keratitis, iritis, corneal problems
Healthy skin is another arena where astaxanthin shines as it protects algae from sun damage, so it guards your skin when you supplement. It acts like an internal barrier allowing you to stay in the sun longer, without getting burned. Might mean goodbye to photoaging and loss of collagen. Maybe you can even avoid skin cancer.
Primarily, if you are a sun worshiper, but even otherwise, protect your skin and eyes with Dr. Dave’s Wild Red Fish Oil. Once a day, it’s as simple as that!