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To Do List – Will you remember, before you forget?

2 min read

Erasing brain

Don’t wait until your brain starts slipping.  Get on top of it now.  There is some urgency, especially since pharmaceutical research has yet to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

  • Inflammation is the enemy. Antioxidants are the key.

 Cook with healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil, but watch the flash point.  These healthy fats can oxidize quickly, turning toxic in a hurry.  Eating fatty fish is another story.   Fish like wild salmon are full of healthy omega 3s EPA and DHA making them an abundant source of antioxidants, but contaminants are unavoidable throughout every ocean on the planet.

 Solve this problem by limiting fish to no more than two times per week, and supplement with a purified dietary supplement like Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85, the physicians answer to essential fatty acids without the toxins.

  • Respect the gut/brain connection. It’s becoming more and more clear, your gut “communicates” with your brain.

 There are a number of foods that nurture your gut flora, known as the biome.   Probiotic rich fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchee are full of gut beneficial bacteria. Kefir, a fermented milk product is also rich in enzymes and probiotics.

 Fiber is always a star, when it comes to digestive health.  Beans and legumes are tasty, high fiber sides and main dishes. Veggys are a healthy addition and usually, the darker colors translate to higher fiber.  Nuts, although higher in calories add omega3s and fiber.

Fruits are also full of fiber, but watch the sugar content. Apples and berries fill the bill without loading up the fructose.

  • Exercise your body and your brain.

 Cardio activates genes that produce growth hormone that focuses on brain cells. Changing up your exercise routines stimulate your brain as well as your body.  Activities that challenge your brain in new ways activate neural nurseries, giving birth to new brain cells.  Things like learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, doing puzzles and brain teasers, stimulate your brain to build new connections.

  • Man is a social animal. Stay engaged.

Your mind stays sharp the more you interact and stay socially active.  Schedule regular outings with friends and family.  Research shows that volunteering adds to brain function while mitigating stress levels and increasing self-esteem.

Overall, an unhealthy lifestyle sets you up for a higher risk of mental deterioration.  Since every cell in your body is surrounded by a lipid layer (translation: fat) and your brain itself is 60% fat, it makes sense to feed it the best, purest essential fatty acids you can find.  Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85is a first-rate antioxidant, doctor designed to help you remember, before you forget.