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Tired all the time? Is your life force ebbing away?

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Have you tried CoQ10 ubiquinol?  Gaining popularity in the supplement scene, and no wonder, CoQ10 ubiquinol, the reduce form, as opposed to the oxidized form, is a key component in human energy production.

Capable of donating electrons, CoQ10 ubiquinol functions as a highly effective antioxidant, helping your body produce Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as generating cellular energy.

Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10, a highly bioavailable, fat soluble antioxidant, takes its cues from your metabolism, meeting your requirements on an as needed basis.  If you’re battling chronic disease states, absorption goes up. If you’re steady state healthy, your lower requirements translate into less absorption. This means no chance of overdose, just effective, modulated delivery, designed to meet your specific energy requirements.

An attractive feature, this antioxidant absorbs identically as food sourced ubiquinol. It is the only form of CoQ10 capable of protecting your mitochondria and their fat membranes from the oxidative damage of everyday living.  Cleaning up free radicals before they damage your cells helps minimize inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, which left unchecked, puts you at higher risk for heart disease. 

Based on mouse models, CoQ10 ubiquinol shows significant anti-aging effects, compared to control groups. Numerous scientific studies have indicated this, over and over again, as the CoQ10 ubiquinol dosed mice scamper around, like they did in their youth, instead of moving around sluggishly, like their half dead, un-supplemented counterparts.

One of the harsh realities of aging, is that you produce less cellular energy. 

Even if your overall health is good, your mitochondria often become less efficient, over time.  Your brain and heart require huge amounts of cellular energy to function at their best and CoQ10, ubiquinol helps make this energy available. 

Taking steps to sustain your energy, decreases your risk of chronic disease and exhaustion.

If you enjoy good health, you still stand to benefit from improved energy production.  On the other hand, if you’re prescribed statin drugs, that’s another story altogether.  While effective at reducing cholesterol, these drugs compromise your CoQ10 ubiquinol stores, increasing your risk of heart failure and other coronary diseases. Chronic and progressive in nature, your best bet is prevention, avoiding these prescription drugs and disease states all together.

No more dragging through the day, waiting to go home and vegetate on the couch, until bed time. Sustained energy means approaching your days productively, as your efficient mitochondria do their job, consistently.   Try Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 and get the spring back in your step and the life back in your years!