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The Fountain Of Youth?

3 min read

The Fountain Of Youth?

In our communities, if one property is not well maintained, it affects the rest of the neighbors on the block and across the street.  If one home doesn’t keep up their lawn, next thing you know you’ve all got dandelions and grubs. Or, if somebody’s “storing” old rusted out cars, refrigerators and burned out Christmas lights, hanging by a thread, it affects the value of your property, by proximity and association.  So it goes in your cellular neighborhoods, as well. 

In this case, the “bad neighbors” are toxic, senescent cells. 

They start out as normal tissue cells, capable of reproducing, but not dividing once they mature. This has been demonstrated in a petri dish, where these cells seem normal for a couple of replications, but then become abnormal, as they enter a twilight state.  They look weird, irregular and blotchy, as they stop reproducing themselves.

Far from quiet, as their senescent name implies, these “bad neighbors” are actively hanging on for dear life, trying to stimulate themselves by releasing substances which may promote the development of cancer, as they accumulate.  Surrounding tissues, the “good neighbors” are affected as the senescent cells produce signaling molecules like growth factors that encourage aberrant cell growth.

Now, there goes another neighborhood, in fact, they de establish the whole town!

In addition to metastasis, senescent cells overproduce growth factors that stimulate new blood vessel networks, establishing fertile ground for new potential cancers to thrive. No they don’t go down alone, they take everybody with them, wreaking havoc as they spew forth their poisons!

So is everybody and every cell doomed?  Not necessarily.  You’ve got to transform your body in ways that will fortify it against cancer and help maintain your telomere length.  Supporting your immune function, which is one of the first improvements you may see on Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs, should build you up, resolving metabolic chaos and helping protect you against cancer.

The DNA in the nucleus of your cells is subject to lots of damage every single day,

everything from free radical damage, to environmental toxins to ultraviolet radiation, so when it replicates it’s not necessarily in the best shape.  Some of this damage can be repaired, but some is not reversible, if the cell divides before the DNA repairs.  These changes are mutations.

There’s also damage to the epigenetic structures that turn on and off genetic expression. These are epigenetic mutations, which for all intents and purposes effect the cell function in the same ways. Both these mutations increase in number as you age, causing the damage and loss of function you experience as you age.  As your body becomes impaired, you adapt, limping along, doing the best you can. But there’s no need to resign or compensate for these changes.

What if you can arrest and reverse some of these signs of aging? Enter Telomerase, the enzyme that re lengthens your telomeres before they become critically too short.  Turning on the telomerase in your cells by introducing a natural supplement with no side effects, that has been tested on humans, is the way to go. Couple that with Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs to maintain your telomere length and you’ve got a winning combination.  Take control of your cells, keep your telomeres vital.  Oh, and weed your lawn, while you’re at it!