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The Saga of Omega 3s

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For the past ten years, Omega 3 fatty acids have been and still are being studied, analyzed and reviewed, in depth, for their reported health benefits.  Eating a diet rich in seafood is ideal, but the problem is today’s oceans are polluted, so the fish and the food fish eat, like algae and other fish, are polluted in kind, with stuff like cyanide, mercury, cadmium, lead and PCBs.

 What’s the answer?

 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil that meets the FDAs standards for purity. That’s Omega 3s without the toxic chemicals that can accumulate in human tissues slowly poisoning you over time.

 If you hate eating fish, capsules are a solution, giving you both the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that you must have, to either avoid or manage immune system issues, cognitive function, heart health and anxiety. Even if you do like eating seafood, you’re better off limiting yourself to two servings per week and adding a high quality supplement.

 Why bother?

 Every cell in your body has a membrane made up of lipids. That’s fat.  Good fat. Vitality starts at a cellular level and healthy cell membranes help protect you from free radical damage, inflammation and a whole host of chronic diseases.

Cardio vascular disease continues to be the number one cause of death in Americans, so it’s no surprise that the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology recommend increasing your amounts of EPA and DHA.  The Mayo Clinic has summarized data from studies conducted over the last 60 years, correlating the incidence of coronary heart disease when comparing high vs. low Omega 3 fatty acid consumption.  The story stays the same.  Essential fatty acids are good for you.

Then there’s your brain.  Again, ongoing research has shown that essential fatty acids are critical for cognition, things like preventing decline and the atrophy that can happen with aging, as well as improving depression, ADD/ADHD and impulsivity.  It stands to reason, since your brain is made up of 60% fat, that adding good fats to your diet would help a lot.

Feeling fat?  This kind of fat is helpful for weight loss.  May sound counter intuitive, but adults on fish oil supplements tracked higher losses than those without adding EPA/DHA to their programs.  Then there’s the skin tightening effect, once you do lose weight, fish oil helps tighten your skin.

Sick all the time?  Again, fish oil helps you defend against colds and flu. Reduced inflammation and better blood chemistry translate to improved white cells and antibodies, so your fending off foreign invaders more easily.

 Arthritic?  You guessed it. Australian studies report positive results in patients taking fish oil, by helping eliminate catilage destroying enxymes.

 How about just plain old looking good?  Skin gets better tone and vibrancy from EPA.  Hair, needs protein to help it grow.  Omega 3s in your diet help keep your mane strong and lustrous.  Your crowning glory needs the nourishment essential fatty acids give hair follicles.

 And the list goes on! 

circulatory system

 Brain, heart, eyes and skin are a few of the many organs fish oil benefits. Dr. Dave’s Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil sets you up for better health, head to toe, womb to tomb.

Dr. Dave's Best Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil