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The Protection Your Pet Needs

2 min read

The Protection Your Pet Needs

Have you given your lovable canine his dose of micro-algae today? As pet parents, we all want the very best for our pooches, but it’s hard to force them to swallow pills. Plus, algae by itself, is not exactly palatable unless you’re a whale, so we mix its protective ingredient, astaxanthin, with Omega 3s, add a dash of citrus burst flavor and Viola! Pets love it.

In liquid form, this pet-friendly supplement is easily added to food, or lapped up, right off the spoon. Either way, dogs have a real appetite for Dr. Dave’s Best Wild Red Fish Oil.

It’s a powerful antioxidant, very healing for animals, helping protect cells, organs, eyes, and skin. Your dog needs this insurance, as he explores his world, with licks and sniffs, taking in an abundance of stimuli, every day. All that “rutting around” can easily compromise your pet’s immune system, putting him at risk for too much free radical damage.

Such chaos can cause dangerous chain reactions, as rogue molecules jeopardize stable molecules, then, next thing you know, your pet ages way before his time. It’s almost like rusting from the inside out. Very bad news for Fido!

Fortified by Omega 3s combined with astaxanthin, your beloved friend has a fighting chance to enjoy a long, healthy life. The rich red pigment in astaxanthin protects algae from harsh conditions like the relentless sun beating down or periodic droughts. It helps make the algae heartier and more resilient, as it will do, for your pet.

Astaxanthin mops up free radicals, preserving cellular and DNA integrity. Fewer mutations and reduced poisons leaking out of unhealthy cells may lead to lower cancer risks, improved energy, and overall vitality. Suspending astaxanthin in Omega 3's healthy fats means it’s even more absorbable.

What does it do for your pet?
• Help improve cardiovascular health.
• Aids in joint and muscle recovery and repair.
• Complements your pet’s immune system.
• Maintains cellular integrity by protecting both fat-soluble and water-soluble components.
• Penetrates the blood/retinal barrier, protecting vision.
• Ushers free radicals, the unstable byproducts of daily living, out of cells.

As your pet’s dashing around all day, guarding the home and family, he sustains a lot of wear and tear internally. He gives so much and asks so little in return, so show some love and give him the power of red, Dr. Dave’s Best Wild Red Fish Oil.