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The Number One Super Simple Holiday Weight Loss Cheat

2 min read

feet on scale

I had to laugh when I stepped on the scale after New Year’s. There it was -  I had gained 4 pounds. I knew better, but recently-- my food choices included twice the refined carbs I normally have.

Yeah I had one or two Christmas cookies once in a while! While 4 pounds might not seem like a lot to you and many people gain more, my body and more succinctly my brain sees it, knows it and feels it!

So its back to eating better and healthier for my New Year’s resolution. I should have 10 pounds off in a week with “pounds in the bank” so to speak.

Yes weight loss seems to be everyone’s number one resolution every New Years. But most people will fail miserably because its harder than it should be.

Unless you CHEAT!

And I am going to cheat for sure.

8 Years ago we developed the first commercial raspberry ketone compound called Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.

This was long before Dr Oz announced it as the latest greatest weight loss breakthrough ( time wise it was somewhere in between the grapefruit diet and green coffee bean extract LOL!).

I used it for YEARS on a daily basis to hold my weight and appetite in check. No appetite, no feeling of deprivation. No appetite no hunger- no unnecessary calories and no unnecessary eating and weight gain.

Good bye Holiday Weight Gain.

No matter what plan or even no plan you want to follow to get rid of unwanted pounds Ultra Strength Fat Furnace can help.

You might only need it for a week, or you may love what it does so much you want to stay on it till Spring and get a bunch of extra ugly flab off.

Either way you can’t go wrong here.

See you in a week or two 10 pounds lighter!