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The Fountain of Youth May No Longer Be a Myth

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If you’re staying current on science news, or perusing the internet frequently, you’ve most likely heard or read about telomeres, one of the keys to anti-aging science.  These tiny “end caps” on your DNA are rising stars in the anti-aging arena.

The fountain of youth might not be a myth.  Modern science presents you with an opportunity to prolong and enjoy the advantages you had as a youngster and maintain them well into your golden years.  You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s this all about and how can I make it happen?” 

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Here are the basics:

Why do I care about telomeres?

Because, they are one of the most important factors in preserving your body’s youthful, efficient function.  They are the key to healthy cell replication and disease prevention, prolonging your quality of life as the clock ticks on.

 What are telomeres?

Telomeres are the end caps on the end of your DNA strands that keep your DNA (which is configured into chromosomes) aligned and undamaged during the replication process. They make it possible for your chromosomes to divide, as they act as guardians of your genetic data.  Formerly viewed as genetic junk, scientists realize that these small end caps of amino acids serve a critical role in protecting your DNA,  as it copies itself, over and over again, a continuous process that’s part of daily living.  The longer these end caps are, the better chance you have of maintaining the integrity of your DNA – less mutations and damage to the strands, less genetic information errors leading to cancer, disease and death.

 What happens to telomeres during the normal aging process?

As you age chronologically, your telomeres become shorter.  Every time your cells divide, you lose telomere length. This helps explain why the incidence of cancer is so much higher in the aging population.  As your protective mechanisms become compromised, your risk of dying from cancer, infectious diseases and heart attacks increases eightfold.

 What is the difference between biological and chronological age?

Biological age is the functional age of your body, while chronological age is measured in actual years.  The two can be very different, depending on a lot of factors other than genes.  Biological age is where you want to focus – keeping your body younger than you are.  Your cells ability to repair and maintain, by preserving telomere length, could buy you a lot of time.  Healthy habits, combined with the right supplements, serve you well as Father Time marches on.

 What is telomerase?

Telomerase is the enzyme that creates a favorable environment for your telomeres to maintain their length.  When telomerase is expressed, your cells can divide more rapidly without suffering the compromises of aging.  While all cells contain telomerase, in most cases it is “switched off” so it doesn’t express and you don’t experience the benefits.

 What about the telomere/cancer link?

Cancer is a disease of short telomeres!  When telomeres get short, bad things happen.  Cells die off faster than normal, causing a whole host of problems, one of which could be cancer.  These abnormal cancer cells start to produce more telomerase, which sets you up for disaster, as unhealthy cells divide and grow, unchecked, eventually crowding out healthy cells.  So, the cancer didn’t originate from the presence of telomerase.  Actually, the opposite is true, short telomeres caused compromises during cell replication, which then resulted in unhealthy, immortal cells.

 Where do I begin?

Do not accept that gradual decline is inevitable, without first trying to intervene. Get on an effective supplement regimen and stay on it. Dr. Dave’s Best Telomere Edge Packsare designed to maintain telomere length, setting you up for favorable aging by protecting your precious telomeres. The longer you stay vital, the more you can take advantage of all the anti aging breakthroughs that are sure to come in the future.

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