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The Care and Maintenance of Human Energy

2 min read

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The CoQ10 frontier in cardiovascular health started sixty years ago, back in 1957, when beloved scientist Frederick Crane discovered CoEnzyme Q in heart mitochondria, improving our understanding of bioenergetics.

Not just a supplement for “old timers”, CoQ10 is in high demand as a nutrient that helps make energy from food and mops up free radicals, preventing cell membranes from oxidative damage and death.

 The most bioavailable form of Coenzyme Q10 is called ubiquinol, a reduced form that your body uses naturally.  This form is especially desirable if you’re over 25, right about the time your body starts to become less efficient at conversion.

 Kaneka has the patent on ubiquinol, so choose your supplement carefully.  Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 sources this high quality ubiquinol, providing you the ease in conversion your body demands.

 Why do you need CoQ10?

 More than 100 studies demonstrate its benefits.  CoQ10 “works and plays well with others”, partnering with your own internal antioxidants, to help level the playing field, optimize your mitochondria, and outpace chronic inflammation.  As your cell walls go, so go your tissues.  Thus, it pays to manage oxidative stress, prolonging the function of your tiny energy furnaces, keeping you vital and thriving.

 CoQ10 is a stellar antioxidant, recommended for many heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, heart attack and high blood pressure.

 It’s also shown promise in many studies:

  • Help limit the risk of fatty liver in obesity
  • Fortify your immune response
  • Maintain normal blood pressure levels
  • Combat age related deterioration by fighting free radical damage
  • Boost your nervous system

 Plus, there’s no such thing as overdoing it, with no reported side effects, even when used in conjunction with statins or other prescription medications. Studies have also shown that dosing with ubiquinol does not affect your body’s ability to produce it. 

 Whether you’re an elite athlete or a more casual weekend warrior, you stand to improve your stamina with healthier mitochondria. Found in almost every cell in your body, these tiny furnaces generate a lot of energy.

 What if you’re an otherwise healthy person, interested in amping up?

 CoQ10 can help there too! Whether it’s stress related or simply the normal wear and tear, you’ll likely feel an improvement in your vital force, if you start taking it two to three times per day.

 You really can’t go wrong here!  Try Dr. Dave's Best CoQ10 and watch your energy soar!