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The best recipe for anti aging

2 min read

Smoothie Bowl

I often hear people saying that 'We aren't getting any younger'. I am more of the mindset that age is only a number, and we are only as old as we feel. Our youth and vitality does not have to deteriorate as we get older, especially now, with all of the scientific knowledge and technology at our disposal.

When I was in college, partying, drinking and eating junk food, I weighed 45 pounds more than I do now, and I looked and felt about 10 years older. I remember one day looking at myself in the mirror and deciding that I wanted to start taking care of myself and making my health my first priority. I found holistic nutrition, practised it extensively for several years and finally got my diploma as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

I am a strong advocate for whole foods, natural supplements, functional exercise, stress reduction and community. This combo helped reverse my illnesses, combat my depression, revitalize my mind and optimize my body. For this, I am forever grateful.

 As human beings we are not meant to be sick, stressed, depressed and in pain. We are meant to thrive. Unfortunately the odds are against us, as we are constantly bombarded by toxins, pollution, emfs, stress, junk foods and junk thoughts.

 The good news is that we have the power to take back our health.

 Eat well, live well, be well. This week's blog post features the best recipe for anti aging and vitality.


Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Bowl

A delicious and nutritious anti-aging and health revitalizing smoothie recipe to keep you looking and feeling youthful!


Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Combine with high potency Omegas for best results!

The best recipe for anti-ageing is combining quality foods and supplements to maximize results!

Current research coming out of the University of California offers that omega-3 supplements help cells in the body live longer.. They also found the more omega-3 the subjects consumed, the slower the damage to the DNA in their cells. This means better protection against inflammation and the ageing process!

To maximize your health and vitality, add Dr. Dave's Best Wild Red Fish Oil to your anti-ageing routine! You deserve to look and feel your best!

Dr. Dave's Best Wild Red Fish Oil

In health,

Samantha Lotus