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The Anti-Gateway Drug

2 min read

The Anti-Gateway Drug

130 Americans overdose on opiates every day. That’s a 10-time increase just since the year 2000. Apart from losing friends and loved ones, think about all the wasted human capital. When bright young lives are cut short, before reaching their potential, the future is gone forever.

While opioids have their place as pain relievers for short-term maladies, they were never meant to solve long-term chronic pain. The problem is your body habituates, requiring higher and higher doses to achieve the same results. Before you know it, you have a problem.

CBD, on the other hand, has become the shining star in the world of plant pharmacopeia and a great candidate for helping alleviate both short and long-term suffering.  Also known as Cannabidiol, this powerful anti-oxidant shows tremendous potential as an adjunct to rehab from addiction.

It helps:

  • Treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Soften the impact on brain reward centers, overstimulated by Opioids
  • Amplify the effect of prescription painkillers, helping patients take fewer meds or wean off them completely

Safe, pure and non-addictive, Dr. Dave’s Best CBD Salve and Dr. Dave's Best CBD Salve Roll-On targets pain at the source. By reducing inflammation locally it also targets your brain and body as it moves through your bloodstream, motivating all your receptors to generate their own endocannabinoids (natural pain killers).

Pain from arthritis, lupus, acute injuries, and everyday wear and tear on joints and ligaments, can all benefit from natural CBD therapy.  Alleviate your suffering before it gets ahold of you.  Don’t let it get to the point where you take more drastic measures for relief.

Dr. Dave’s Best CBD Salve and Dr. Dave's Best CBD Salve Roll-On addresses your needs, without destroying your ability to function, or even worse. Turn to this natural compound, the Anti-gateway drug.