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The 5 worst things for your immune system (How many are you doing every day?)

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  1. Neglecting to eat enough veggies
  2. Not getting enough quality water
  3. Going to sleep past 11pm
  4. Spending most of the day on your bottom
  5. Stressing about life & being negative

If you are committing these crimes against your immune system, you are likely to get sick more often, have lower overall health, have trouble maintaining a healthy weight and are more susceptible to physical and mental illness.

From viruses and toxins to sleep deprivation and stress, our immune systems take a constant beating.

We all lead busy lives and none of us has the time to lay around in bed for a week. In an ideal world, we would all lead perfect lives, however we know that isn't always possible. Luckily, science and nature have partnered up to help us out. We need to take responsibility for our health and use preventative measures to boost our immune systems.

Boost your immune system with Dr. Dave's Best Immune Booster

 One little berry that packs a huge immune boosting punch – Meet the Elderberry  


Beneficial components of Elderberries

The Elder Plant is known to be one of the wisest plants around when it comes to healing! This medicinal powerhouse is used to improve colds, fight the flu, alleviate sinus issues, decrease inflammation, battle chronic fatigue, help with allergies and protect against cancer! When it comes to cellular protection, elderberry measures above blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and even goji berries.

Elderberries are jam-packed with organic pigments, tannins, amino acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins A & B as well as a huge amount of vitamin C. Being so rich in flavonoids, elderberries are a wonderful source of antioxidants which protect the body against the immune system no-nos.

An extra bonus is that these berries act as a natural diuretic which means they promote both urination and bowel movements. By helping to flush toxins from the body, every system (especially the immune system) benefits!

History of the Elderberry

Native Americans sought the elderplant to make herbal medicines, foods, beverages, charms, ceremonial items, inks, dyes, body paint, jewelry, hunting whistles and even musical instruments.

Here at BioStem Wellness, we have used this ancient plant to create the best high quality immune system supplement because we care about you and your health. When it comes to the immune system battle, we're in this together.

In Health,
Samantha Lotus

Samantha Lotus

Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Self-Care Educator

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