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Targeting Against Oxidation’s Onslaught

2 min read

Targeting Against Oxidation’s Onslaught

Many of you are well versed on CoQ10 Ubiquinol’s role in generating cellular energy, but, don’t forget its job as a powerful defender against free radical damage. As one of the “principal players”, designed to help you live your best life, by drawing on your body’s innate resources. CoQ10 is among the most popular anti-aging supplements around.

This coenzyme facilitates the function of enzymes in your body, helps increase absorption of key vitamins, and adds to your already existing stores of CoQ10. Yes, your body is capable of generating some CoQ10, on its own, but nowhere near enough to counteract the barrage of stressors, we all accept as the consequences of modern living. You need help! Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 Ubiquinol is doctor designed and tested to defend your health, in the demanding world, we’re all dealing with.

If you’re enduring too much oxidative stress, you may be affected at a cellular level. This causes damage and mutations. Probably more than coincidence, cancer sufferers have presented with lower levels of CoQ10. The prognosis sounds pretty grim, with up to 53.3% higher risk of cancer, as well as a poor outcome for various types of already existing cancers.

Next on the list but, certainly, of no less importance, is the preservation of your cognitive function. Your brain is fragile and very vulnerable to chronic inflammation since it is a “mass of oxygen-hungry fat.” The toxic byproducts of oxidative damage can hurt your ability to think and remember. Mental acuity and laser-like focus may be yours, as the benefits of highly absorbable CoQ10 Ubiquinol penetrate the blood/brain barrier.

The next “filter” is the retinal barrier, and you guessed it, CoQ10 passes through easily, promoting better tear production, a healthy retina, and better blood flow within a very vascularly challenged area. Some test subjects with macular degeneration, even report improved, less clouded vision.

As far as your pearly whites, CoQ10 may reduce gingivitis and improve periodontal disease, so your teeth are better anchored in your jaw. Certainly, an asset to your smile and your overall health.

Moving below the neck, it probably comes as no surprise to you, that your lungs are especially at risk for free radical damage, given their proximity to oxygen. Maladies like asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) typically present with lower levels of CoQ10. One study demonstrated that subjects who supplemented with CoQ10 showed diminished inflammation, coupled with lower required doses of steroids.

While we’re only scratching the surface here, Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 Ubiquinol runs the gamut. Protect your health with this well-known supplement, designed to tackle oxidative stress head-on. Be you, only better!