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Summer Time Weight Loss

3 min read

Woman with Sun

In a very short time we will be on the Summer Solstice!  I don’t know about you but that day always tells me its summer for sure. Now of course depending on where you are in the country or the world you may have longer days and warmer weather long before the 21st of June.

But let’s just say for the moment that summer is a special time of energy and hopefully fun that is getting rolling as we speak.

What a wonderful time to dig in a little and examine where you stand with your body weight and composition. I don’t know about you but I need a fair amount of challenge and engagement to actually change things.  The fun part about summer is it’s a very distinct 3 month period where I  live and this “brackets” my efforts with a start and finish time.

Most people need a little something to get them off their you know what’s and why not let it be the 3 months of summer.

Your body senses changes you know. It senses warmer weather and longer days. It shifts the sleep rhythms and even the appetite rhythms of your body.

Let me give you a little challenge them. Use those rhythm changes which actually favor weight loss (even your thyroid may become a bit more active!) and capitalize on what Mother Nature is handing you- a change your body and your health for the better.

I will admit it- I could stand to lose 7 pounds.  I know exactly how much because my body has certain tells.  How about you? Where do you lose and gain weight fastest?  And more importantly what can you do about it?!

Changing your body composition boils down to one simple thing: insulin management!  Your body makes insulin to deal with carbohydrates.  Back in the 70’s when the current high carb low fat diet was blessed by all the authorities a Pandora’s Box was opened for the food industry. Some of the people present in those policy making meetings knew it too. They knew that the reduction in fat calories would mean the “calorie gap” had to be filled somehow.  They knew it was going to be with carbs!  The researchers meant “eat more vegetables and fruits”. The food industry interpreted it as eat more grain based foods starches pastas and breads.  Now for the first time in history we have an obesity epidemic that is not limited to the very rich in our society!

With that as a background and keeping in mind that large portions of green leafy vegetables and modest portions of fruit will not jack up your insulin levels the simplest way to change your body composition without getting into what most people consider “extreme diets” is to reduce starch, breads and pastas and replace them with large quantities of green leafies and some ripe summer fruit!

While you are at it get rid of soda and beer.

And here is the secret trick! Drink a large glass (16 ounces) of warm water with lemon and a small amount of cider vinegar first before you eat. Next eat your green leafies before you eat the rest of your meal.  I usually do both of these things while I am preparing the meal. Which leads me to the next thing. I wrote a blog about the dangers of restaurant meals.

Summer is a good time to cook at home. Some of you will be concerned about “carmelization” of food and its effects on your health. While California Prop 65 has been shown to be on the ridiculous side amount an awful lot of things, you can if you want, sauté on the grill and avoid carmelization or any charring of your food (yes they are different processes!).

I would ask you to focus on what matters- how your body responds to the foods you eat. In aviation there is a saying, “If it looks right it will probably fly right!”  Same thing with your body. If you are eating right it will look and feel right. Sugar in the food you eat is far more harmful than any coloring your cooking adds to your food.

Finally you may need some help as 3 months is a fairly short time. If you want help with this eight loss/fat loss process we make an all natural supplement that will do the trick.

Your changes will do wonders for you!

Enjoy the coming weeks!