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Sleep’s gone Cyber

2 min read

Woman floating asleep

Shut eye is so important that major hospitals and universities are dedicating their time and brightest minds to gain an understanding of its mystery

 It was only a matter of time until something as critical as quality sleep became the focus of artificial intelligence.

 As a major public health concern, AI sleep technology is looking at a sensor designed to use radio waves to keep track of your sleep phases.  At MIT and Mass General, engineers and computer scientists have pooled their brain power to explore this approach, converting markers like breathing and pulse that characterize sleep stages.

Since a significant subset of the population has sleep issues, this project has been launched to hopefully understand why.  Of course, it’s an involved process, requiring multiple repeat sleep studies to gain insight and whenever scientists are involved, “we need more data”.

No doubt, they’ll solve the puzzle, but bottom line, you need high quality sleep to function in the world.  Why not make it easy, while all this science is churning out study after study, go the natural route.

Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard is an all-natural, dietary supplement, designed to get you to sleep and keep you there throughout the night, cycling through all the critical stages of sleep, so you wake up in the morning refreshed, without that characteristic hang over from prescription sleep medicine.

The hazards of not getting enough sleep, or enough high- quality sleep, are significant not only to your health and wellbeing, but to the public as a whole.

  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor emotional control
  • Compromised immune system
  • Less motivation for daily activities
  • Poorer athletic performance
  • Lower academic achievement

 Basically, your life is a mess if you don’t sleep well!

 Not to mention the negative impact we have on those around us.

  • Slower reaction times, mean more traffic accidents
  • Displacement aggression, when subordinates bear the brunt of over tired bosses stressed emotions
  • Medical mistakes from over tired residents, surgeons and nurses
  • Less than optimal parenting from exhausted Mom and Dad
  • Higher error rates from shift workers

Collectively, we all pay the price for not getting enough rest.  More than just a good idea, sleep hygiene is essential to good health and functioning effectively throughout the day.  Don’t take any more chances, manage your sleep with all natural ingredients.  Try Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizardand help resolve your sleep issues, once and for all.