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Silver Tongues and Snake Oil

2 min read

Silver Tongues and Snake Oil

Back in the day, not too long ago, all dietary fat was blamed for chronic health problems, in the Western World. Low fat was the “way to go”, regardless of excess sugar or chemical additives. Anyone preaching otherwise was dead wrong.

As researchers took a second look at fatty acids, specifically, marine lipids, they changed their tune, discovering that Omega 3s were definitely the good guys. At first, scientists faced a lot of scrutinies, regarded as silver-tongued snake oil salesmen, until so many studies confirmed their theories that physicians, followed by the general public, had a complete change of heart.

Today, it is widely accepted that Omega 3s are essential, can’t be manufactured by your body and are preferably sourced from cold water ocean fish. Taking it a step further, the fish should be environmentally sustainable and free of the excess toxins found throughout our oceans.

Dr. Dave’s Best takes these commitments very seriously, as do several of our other top competitors. We were very curious to see how our flagship Omega 3 supplement, Ultra 85, stood up by comparison when tested at a 3rd party independent lab. Now we have answers.*

Proudly, our Ultra 85, performed “head of the pack” as we knew it would, for the highest Omega 3 fatty acid content in the study.

We also scored highest in the lesser known Arachidonic acid, a critical component in your cell membranes, with especially high concentrations found in your liver, muscles, and brain. This lesser-known fatty acid has several important benefits:
• Improved immune response
• Rapid muscle gain when coupled with resistance training
• Diminished effects of depression by helping impede negative brain signaling
• Improved arthritis by alleviating swollen joints.

Next on the list of “winnings”, is our number 1 position for highest content of Vitamin D3. This fat-soluble vitamin is critical for strong bones and teeth as well as a lower risk of heart disease. Vitamin D deficiency, although often neglected, is a global epidemic.

While highlighting the strengths of our Ultra 85 formulation, we did not overlook comparisons in toxic load. 2 of the 3 supplements, one of which was Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85, tested lower for Arsenic than the 3rd did. In other tests, all 3 were within safe, low ranges for cadmium and mercury.

Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 is almost half the price of the competition too, even though we performed better in the above-mentioned categories. Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra 85 offers a safe, environmentally sustainable, economical source for your daily Omega 3 requirements. You score on all counts, a winning combination.




*compared to similar products by Life Extension and Longevity Edge