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Scared Stupid

3 min read

DNA and brain

When you think of diabetes, you probably associate it with your body’s resistance to insulin signals, but guess what, in an Alzheimer's brain, insulin is not too effective either, in fact, brain cells are practically starving to death! This compounds the problem of existing tangles and plaques in an unhealthy brain, when insulin isn’t as good at helping the brain take up sugar from blood.

So, if you’ve got Type 2 diabetes, your pancreas pumps more insulin to help level out the sugar roller coaster, but what helps control your blood sugar, hurts the small blood vessels in your brain, which overtime leads to poor blood circulation to your “grey matter”, then there goes your personality along with your memory. Yet, another cascade of problems associated with metabolic disease.

Your brain needs insulin to learn and remember, in fact sensitive tests have shown that insulin is made in your brain, in the neurons and it’s identical to the hormone produced in your pancreas. The insulin that’s made by your pancreas can also penetrate the blood/brain barrier. It helps your brain cells take up glucose and make energy and create neurotransmitters, necessary for neuron communication.  But if the balance is tipped, you’re in trouble.

obese man with donuts

Patients with diabetes are twice as likely to get Alzheimer's disease. Obesity drives up the risk too.

Not that everyone who has Alzheimers disease is also diabetic, just saying, the risk is higher. From 1980 to now, deaths from diabetes and Alzheimer's have significantly increased, even though medical interventions have improved.   That’s enough to scare me stupid!

And, it’s not primarily genetic in origin.  Alzheimer's disease is more random than you’d guess.  Current thinking and evidence shows that if you are exposed to nitrosamines your risk of Alzheimer disease and a few other diseases characterized by insulin-resistance like visceral obesity (belly fat on organs) and fatty liver disease. Preservatives added to food being transported over long distances, chemicals in fertilizers and in processed foods and meats convert to nitrosamines in your body.

Processed foods like hotdogs, bacon, smoked ham and turkey and even beer are the enemy.  Over time, society has been exposed to higher levels of nitrosamines, which even at low levels add up to problems over time.  The idea that nitrosamines could cause diabetes was conjured up years ago, but no one really researched it until recently.  Lab experiments show that exposures to nitrosamines in food cause obesity, fatty liver disease, dementia and Alzheimer type brain deterioration.

Family tree


Stop looking at your family tree and start watching your exposure.

  • Read food labels
  • Stay away from the center aisles in the super market where all the processed food is shelved.
  • Try organic, it’s worth the price
  • Support your local farms where food isn’t transported over long distances and loaded with toxic preservatives.
  • Do your own cooking, so you know what you’re getting. Who knows what’s happening behind the scenes at restaurants.  Sure you’ve heard the horror stories!

Vigilance on your part will pay off in the end. With your blood sugar under control, you’ll avoid the chronic inflammation that’s the root of many chronic diseases including the ever growing epidemic of diabetes.

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