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Rebuilding a Better You

2 min read

Rebuilding a Better You

Like something straight out of a horror movie, an oxygen loving cell gets “eaten” by another oxygen loving cell. Rather than die, the engulfed cell flourishes, thriving on protection from its host, while providing sustained energy in exchange for this safe harbor.


And so it goes, a symbiotic relationship was born and survives over many generations. The “ingested” cell, retains its role as a biochemical furnace, providing many benefits to its host, and to its even larger host, your body.


Evolution discards that which is not useful. These mitochondria, their survival through the millennia and the power of CoQ10, are the building blocks of sustainable energy in your body.


As both a fat and water-soluble compound, CoQ10 is a critical player in protecting your mitochondrial cell walls, from free radical damage.  This coenzyme is a team player, helping increase the absorption of other essential antioxidants and nutrients, that are already working hard for you. And last but not least, CoQ10 helps repair the oxidative damage caused by the energy it helps create.  Full circle, the compound supports you, while cleaning up after itself.


CoQ10 assists all these processes safely and with few side effects.


  • Your blood pressure may stabilize at normal levels, as CoQ10 discourages the formulation of plaques in your blood vessels that restrict blood flow.
  • You may experience better performance and quicker recovery from exercise-induced inflammation.
  • Your blood vessels may relax and dilate readily, allowing your heart to pump efficiently.
  • Exercise may come easier and last longer with improved circulation.
  • Modern medicine recommends CoQ10 to help counteract side effects from statins like muscle weakness.


Lots of reasons to include Dr. Dave’s Best CoQ10 in your arsenal!  Start today and reap the benefits sooner rather than later.