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Optimistic and Optimized

2 min read

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The best and brightest brains are biased toward the positive.  Apparently, as you age, you remember and talk about the more favorable aspects of daily live and almost automatically, deemphasize the negative.

 You’re often happier in general, as your brain manages emotions more serenely.  Apparently, you’re set up for optimism as you age.  Research reports that your brain functions in this positive realm in some automatic, preconscious way.

 No, you’re not “blissed out” or wearing rose colored glasses.  It’s just that a middle age brains work hard at being enthusiastic about life, despite the losses you experience.  Friends die, parents are ailing, but in spite of it all, your mood elevates.

Brain lightbulb

 Take advantage of this mindset, optimize your middle-aged brain by managing your telomeres.  Imagine the advantages you’ll have as your highest functioning self. Since your brain is improving anyway, why not give yourself the best possible shot at excellence.  At 50, 60 or even 80, “It’s not over”!

 Skeptics may argue that over the years, you become so fed up with bad stuff that you just shut it all out.  Acually, your amygdala, the primitive brain and source of your fight or flight response, holds its own quite well, as you get older.  It’s not the case that it wears out and doesn’t react to negative messages.  It’s just that mature brains manage emotions more calmly.

 As you survive the turbulence over the years, you arrive on the other side, with a wealth of experience and perspective that sets you up for happiness.  Your brain continues to be plastic, well into old age, establishing new neural connections when you stimulate yourself with new experiences.  Do not buy into the obsolete theories that cognitive decline is just a natural part of growing older.  You can stay sharp, focused and smart, well beyond your youth, by introducing a few good habits now.

  • Your brain needs oxygen.  Anything that improves your cardiovascular fitness is going to help your brain power.  If you sit for hours on end, your body may have difficulty processing blood fats and sugar.  If you’re stuck in a cubicle during the day, break up those long stints at your computer by squeezing in some movement and stretching.
  • Eat a balanced diet and stay away from trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. These poisons contribute to a host of chronic ailments called Metabolic Syndrome – thick waist, high blood sugar, low good cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  Anything that impedes circulation is going to deprive your brain of ample blood flow, making you sluggish.
  • Take Telomere Edge Packs, morning and evening. Your brain is largely made of fat and Omega 3 fatty acids are brain food, critical to optimum function and managing inflammation.  Along with healthy doses of EPA/DHA you’ll also be getting powerful antioxidants like Turmeric and heart healthy berries like Hawthorne, not to mention Astragalus root extract, touted for it’s favorable impact on telomeres.

How refreshing to know that some things get better as you age. As you grow into balance and serenity, cherish your gifts and be creative every single day.  Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs help your star shine brighter with every passing year.

Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs