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Next generation brain booster, for this generation

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Maybe you’d rather be “lucky than smart”, but personally, I’ll take both! It can’t hurt to face life’s challenges with every advantage, and an optimized brain is surely a major asset.

If you’re a student and you:

  • Have an upcoming test you need to Ace?
  • Manage a difficult course load?
  • Hope your thesis will dazzle?

If you’re on a career track and you:

  • Need to be at the top of your game in today’s competitive marketplace?
  • Are negotiating a major deal?
  • Are bidding for a much sought after promotion?

 Or, if you’ve already passed these major milestones, are in your twilight years and dread losing your amazing cognitive capabilities, a “potent cocktail” of brain enhancing compounds, is your best insurance to get sharp and stay that way.

Multi-tasking brain

 It may be possible to increase your intelligence, beyond the usual indicators of genetics, IQ tests and aging. Dr. Dave's Best Instant Brain Power is the key.

 How does Instant Brain Power work?

It keeps you firing on all cylinders with the same compounds used to wake up coma patients.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – An amino acid that helps support your brain by improving mitochondrial function.  Clinical studies show enhancements in mood, memory and cognitive skills.

A double-blind study of mildly depressed seniors showed improved symptoms relative to placebo.

Alpha Glycerylphosphoryl Choline (GPC) – A natural compound found in the brain that improves cognition, across the board in the young, middle aged and elderly. This compound is necessary for your brain to store and recall memories and is critical for your neurons to communicate.

Defined as a “next generation” supplement it excels at repairing and maintaining brain cell membranes.

Phosphatidyl Serine – A compound containing both amino acids and fatty acids which are building blocks and protectors for brain cells. Helping combat depression, slowing down age-related decline and possibly mitigating Alzheimer’s Disease are a few of the many benefits.

Stress relief, better mental focus, memory and mood are also advantages seen with consistent use.

Vinpocetine– A natural nootropic (supplement that favorably effects cognition) powerfully enhances memory through improved circulation which helps you use glucose and oxygenate brain tissues.

Awareness and alertness through increased brain cell energy are observations based on hundreds of studies with lab animals and humans.

In this fast-paced world of juggling and multitasking, getting ahead of ourselves is the norm, which is why we need a next generation Brain Booster, like Dr. Dave’s Best Instant Brain Power. Get sharp and stay that way!

Dr. Dave's Best Instant Brain Power