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Mitochondria – The High Price of Power

2 min read


Without mitochondria, you would be a slow moving, geographically localized (like within a 10 foot radius) creature, so be grateful for your mitochondria, but take good care of them.


 There’s a price to pay for all this power and being at the top of the food chain.

 Mitochondria can get sick and they can get old, and oxygen is a dangerous friend by nature, since it always generates free radicals. As a result, mitochondria can fail to provide adequate energy, as they are subject to the everyday wear and tear of life.

 What are the usual suspects? 

  • The wrong diet, excessive in carbohydrates and bad fats
  • Lack of quality sleep and adequate recuperation
  • Sedentary behavior, or its opposite, excessive exercise
  • Toxic chemicals in food, cookware or environmental pollutants-primarily plastic/petroleum components or by products
  • Radiation (solar, microwave) and EMF

 Unless you’re walking around with a Geiger counter or an EMF sensor, some of this stuff is going to zap you, without you even knowing it, but, by making better choices in those things you can control, you reduce the toxicity to your mitochondria, your genetic material (DNA) and your telomeres.

 All the good choices stack the odds in your favor, helping you live a longer more vibrant life.

 If you don’t take action, all of your critical cell, tissue and organ systems will be affected.  On top of everything else, you’re dealing with the aging process.  Unless you specifically address this, you will eventually see declines in your mitochondria and all the other systems.

 Scientists continue to make tremendous strides in understanding the aging process.  Meanwhile, you can do a ton more than most people do and you’ll likely be far healthier, when those new discoveries come along.

 A simple solution to improve function and power generation, is to supply your power houses (mitochondria) with the right “stuff”– things they use to make power.  These are also the things that get zapped by the usual suspects listed above and these are the things that decline with aging.

One of the best supplements you can take, in your quest for healthier powerhouses is Fish Oil, because it is part of all membranes, including your mitochondrial power houses, making it necessary in significant quantities to keep those membranes fluid.  Fluid membranes mean fluid energy transfer.

Dr. Dave's Best Wild Red Fish Oil

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