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Joining the Dream Team

2 min read

Joining the Dream Team

The wonders of shut eye are still on the forefront of sleep research, as scientists explore the stages, record the cycles and calculate the benefits of our nightly sojourns.

You might be thinking, “who cares what goes on while I’m unconscious?”, or “I can’t afford to sleep”, or even “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”  Well, ignore sleep and that last one may become true earlier than you want.

During those cozy sleep times at night your brain is engaged in four or five cycles of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and Non-REM states that you should be passing through, every night. Throughout this ritual, you are consolidating memories and lowering your pulse, all while helping to repair everyday cognitive wear and tear. As you pass through these nightly cycles, your neurons shrink, reconfigure and prep your mind and body for the next day.

Good sleep hygiene is paramount and maintains your mind at the levels you need for all day optimal functionality. Multitudes of sleep studies all point to the same basic tenants:

  • Avoid alcohol, especially in excess, before bed. “Spirits” rob you of quality REM and steal your vitality the next day.
  • Stay away from caffeine, in any form, later than mid-afternoon.
  • Follow a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends and also when you’re jet lagged. Your body responds to this repetition by relaxing, setting the stage for high quality rest.
  • Support your good habits with an all-natural sleep supplement, like Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard.

Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard brings you restful, restorative sleep so you awaken refreshed and ready to take on the day.  This effective combination of natural supplements gives you all the benefits of melatonin plus a whole lot more of the best, most effective natural sleep aid ingredients. Dr. Dave’s Best has created the AM PM Synergy Pack, which adds Instant Brain as part of your daily regimen.  This neurocognitive enhancer has the ingredients you need to help you think on your feet, problem solve and create your future.

Brighter days AND better nights – a simple but effective strategy to meet your life head on!