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Is it next to impossible to get yourself out of bed in the morning?

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sleeping with cell phone

Maybe your circadian rhythms (your body’s natural sleep/awaken cycle) miss match with your daily agenda.  According to sleep specialists, this “phase delay” can happen when the world’s schedule doesn’t flex, to meet your specific needs and who among us doesn’t have that issue? All the modern demands of work, family and social life cause half of the US population to suffer from sleep disorders.

 So, chances are, you’re probably functioning on less shuteye than you really need.

 What’s a person to do, slog through the day half comatose? Function at a substandard level?

 Actually, no, there is hope for the “zombies” among us, with a bit of mindfulness, intention and maybe a little help from Mother Nature.  That help is readily available as a natural supplement.  Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard is designed to gently get you into high quality sleep phases and keep you there, cycling through until you’re well rested when you ultimately awake.

 The habits you need to cultivate are:

  • Train yourself to wake up a quarter of an hour earlier each day. No hitting the snooze button!
  • Stay consistent with your sleep schedule. This means no sleeping in on the weekends, tempting as it may seem, it will set you back, undoing all the prior gains you’ve made.
  • Stay away from artificial light in the evenings, things like computer screens and TV, that emit the dreaded blue light, tricking your brain into thinking it’s still daytime.
  • On the other hand, early light exposure can benefit night owls. Things like a mid-morning walk outside can help realign your sleep cycle.
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily routines.When you do go to bed, make sure your room is very dark. Black out curtains, eye mask, the whole bit!
  • Be cautious of antihistamines or other medications designed to improve sleep, as they do not support normal sleep cycles, may have nasty side effects and can become habit forming. Medications like beta blockers and even some anti-anxiety meds suppress your body’s natural sleep hormones.

 Insomnia is a serious problem, left unaddressed, can lead to heart disease, diabetes, diminished endurance and weight gain, not to mention emotional and cognitive problems like aggravated anxiety, irritability, depression and lack of focus.

 “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, is not an effective approach to life. 

 Your body needs restorative sleep to survive and maintain your nervous system, performing long-term storage functions and clearing brain compounds.   It’s actually a very active period for your brain, as it cycles through 5 stages, several times during the night.

 Doing without sleep for long enough may very well kill your productivity and even kill you! Why take the chance?  A few good habits, some help from Mother Nature, like Dr. Dave’s Best Sleep Wizard and you’re a contributing member of society again, revived, refreshed and back in business.