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In your quest of all things Anti

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The power is in your hands.  In your quest of all things anti-aging, you may be an experienced researcher or a novice with a voracious appetite to learn more about the "fountain of youth".  In either case, you won't want to overlook your body's power to heal itself, well into your twilight years.

What's all the "fuss" about?

Well, in anti-aging circles, telomeres are the latest and greatest discovery dealing with your body's ability to preserve youth, through the end caps on your DNA strands.  Picture the little caps at the end of your shoelaces, which keep them from unravelling.  Similarly, every time your DNA replicates, these "biological end caps" serve their function by preserving your DNA strands as they make copies of themselves.

Shoe laces

The longer these telomere strands are, the more replications you can produce.  When your cells get to the point where they lose the ability to replicate, they either implode (apoptosis) or just wither up and die (senescence).  But, you have the power to influence their outcome, more than you might think.

What's so important about telomeres? Everything!

Bad things happen, when telomeres get short!  Your hair gets grey, you can't see as well, or move as fast, or jump as high.  Everything is slower, more difficult and less enjoyable. You get the picture. As your life force drains out of you, aging isn't fun.  Why let your body deteriorate before its time? 

DNA strand

There's too much to do, and life to be lived, with no need for compromise.

Don't waste your precious time waiting for traditional medicine to step in.  Our overburdened system is unlikely to tackle these issues anytime soon, but there's no need to resign or passively wait for solutions.  Take an active role in managing your life force. Modern science is changing the face of aging. It's no longer a luxury, but a reality well within your grasp.

Maintaining telomere length is a good start, so you're healthy while new discoveries are taking place.  Dr. Dave's Best Telomere Edge Packs are designed to help you maintain your telomere length.  Get some now, tick tock goes the Telomere Clock!

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