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How Giving Benefits your Brain and Body

3 min read

Heart and brain see saw

Did you know that when you engage in the act of giving, your brain is stimulated in a way that strengthens neurons and synapses and improves overall brain function?

It’s true. Thanks to fMRI technology, researchers are able to measure this sort of brain activity, and in a study on charitable giving it was found that when people donated to a worthy cause, the midbrain region of the brain lights up like a lightbulb! (source)

Our brains are literally wired in a way that makes us want to be good humans.

We benefit from brain pleasure rewards, by a multitude of ways: Through the mind-body connection, we see that what is good for our brains is also good for our bodies.

Not only does doing good deeds, such as giving, promote activation in the brain, but it also strengthens synapses, brain matter function, neurotransmitter signalling and regeneration! What this means is that literally every function of the brain is upgraded, and this benefit extends to every single function of the body improving, since the brain is the master computer of the body.

The health field of Psychoneuroendoimmunology (ouf, we know...that's a big word) demonstrates the intricate relationship between our psychological processes and the nervous, hormonal and immune systems of the human body. Through this lens, we see how good feelings lead to a better brain, more balanced hormones and a stronger immune system.


Potentially yes!With a strong emotional and physical mind and body, chances of getting sick drop drastically! In addition, rates of anxiety and depression also drop, meaning that people can help combat both disease and depression, through improving their mind-body health!

Giving is the gift that keeps on giving!


Although it might seem counter intuitive, research has shown that giving actually makes us happier than receiving. So, in a way, we are actually being both selfish and selfless by giving to others! The mutually beneficial nature of giving and receiving is what makes this practice so powerful.

Simply put, enriching the lives of others makes us all wealthier in health & happiness.

True wealth is not acquired through material possessions, but by engaging in a fulfilling life. There is truly very little that is more fulfilling than making a difference in the lives of others.


Humans are inherently social by nature. We could not survive, let alone thrive, unless we take care of one another.

On a global scale, world peace will only have a chance of existing if we treat each other right, increase our acts of kindness and embrace Oneness: the concept that we are all connected.

In terms of health, giving ourselves what we need to thrive, is fundamental. This means uplifting social interaction, enjoyable exercise, healthy food and the right tools for optimization.

At Dr. Daves Best, we believe in giving you the best natural health products for your brain and body. Our all natural, Instant Brain Power is designed to help preserve and protect your cognitive skills.


Change your brain, change your life

Our customers have reported really impressive results:

  • Improved energy and mental focus
  • Better memory and recall
  • Laser-like focus and concentration
  • Enhanced ability to learn new and complex tasks
  • Better short and long-term memory
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Faster problem solving


Give yourself the gift of great health – a gift that never stops giving back!! Get yours today!

In health,

Samantha Lotus