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Holistic Tips for Healthy Travel – Stay Healthy this Vacation!

3 min read

Traveling man

It was early on in my youth that I was bitten by the travel bug.

Man traveling on the road

I feel best while living out of a suitcase, my family calls me a nomad and I don’t know what to answer when people ask where I live!  Every year I make it a priority to go on a new adventure, where I explore the lands, absorb the culture, study health and happiness from a different perspective, connect with incredible human beings and eat my way through the cities (#foodielife)! I am only 3 countries away from reaching my ’30 by 30′ goal (visiting 30 countries before I turn 30).

Travelling is incredible, but it also takes quite a toll on our bodies. From long days of travel and the airplane ride itself to foreign bacteria, increased sun exposure and possibly more partying than normal, self care becomes extremely important. The last thing we want is to get sick on our trip – but for many people who don’t have the holistic nutrition essentials for healthy travel, it happens all too often. Here are my top tips for staying healthy while travelling:

#1. STAY HYDRATED – Health Hack Your Water

Lack of sleep, airplanes, sunshine and drinking will dehydrate you BIGTIME. Dehydration is often the root cause of many health problems, not to mention heat stroke, migraines and hangovers. Drinking lots of water before, during and after your trip will protect you from the affects of dehydration, help your body stay healthy and even protect your tan!

Easy DIY Electrolyte Water

Ball jar with fruit

Simply take filtered water and add in whatever fruits are available (make sure to wash them well) plus a 1/2 tsp of sea salt. I use sliced oranges and lime, or blueberries and lemon.
The fruit sugar and the salt help with the absorbability and will replenish your body’s electrolytes which can be depleted by sun, exercise, partying & dehydration


#2. TRAVEL SUPPLEMENTS – Nature’s Medicine First Aid Kit

I will not get on a plane unless I have these 3 supplements with me:

1. Oil or oregano

2. Good quality multivitamin with botanicals

3. Activated charcoal

Oil of Oregano for protection – This potent liquid tincture is extremely powerful in killing bacteria, virus and germs as it is a natural anti-biotic. I take 3 drops under my tongue during the flight, after the flight and every evening before bed. This boosts my immune system by keeping the bugs/germs away!

A Good Quality Multivitamin with botanicals – It’s very challenging to get all the nutrients we need from food alone, and our bodies need that extra boost when we travel. It’s not always easy to get access to green smoothies and all the fresh veggies, so taking my multivitamin everyday gives me peace of mind, lots of energy and that extra immune boost.

Dr. Dave's Best Monster Multi with Minerals

I take the Dr. Dave’s Best Monster Multi because it is a high quality product containing the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that I need!

Activated Charcoal – Your best food poisoning / detoxification support! Similar to how a water filter jug cleans out the toxins by filtering the water, black charcoal is used to purify and filter our bodies as well. By ingesting activated charcoal you are able to combat the war in your gut as it soaks up nasty bacteria in the intestines and flushes them out. At the first sign of stomach pains, traveler’s diarrhea or hangover debilitation, take 2 capsules every 4 hours and be amazed at how much better you feel almost instantly!

#3. COCONUT OIL – My go to for everything!

I travel with coconut oil for many reasons:

-Keeps my skin hydrated and contains a natural sun protection factor
-Great to re-moisturize after a burn
-Protects my hair against the sun, salt and dryness
-Eating it increases my good cholesterol which enables me to tan better
-Is antibacterial and antifungal
-Amazing makeup remover
-Delicious in coffee/tea
-Perfect to cook with
-Even works wonders as a healthy lubricant! 😉

Quick recap – my holistic healthy travel essentials are:




Happy & Healthy Travels!!!

Xx Samantha