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Help manage depression related overeating and weight gain with chromium

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Have you been struggling with emotional eating, intense carb cravings and weight gain?

There are many factors affecting the interrelationship between emotions and behavioural patterns, especially when it comes to food, and although it is a complex and mufti-faceted issue, there is a direct correlation between depression, emotional overeating, carb cravings and weight gain.

Interestingly, studies demonstrate that supplementing with chromium helps fight depression, reduce carb cravings and reduce the frequency and intensity of emotional eating.

Chromium's Effect on Metabolism

Chromium is a natural element which assists with glucose metabolism.  This is how the body creates energy out of carbohydrates.  It also affects insulin sensitivity and pancreatic function. 

Chromium's known metabolic effect is the supplement's ability to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin, allowing for it to work better in controlling blood sugars. By doing so, people have more energy, better brain function and naturally stay at a healthier weight.

People who are suffering from depression, tend to have lower levels of chromium and often struggle with atypical depression, where their appetite is heightened and they overeat. In over consuming calories, which turn to glucose (sugar) in the body, it creates a hyper/hypo glycemic rollercoaster for the blood, which perpetuates the carb and sugar cravings.

What are the Effects of Emotional Overeating?


Depression related overeating produces emotional, psychological and physiological side effects that can dramatically compromise a person's overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.

When someone consumes excessive amounts of food, it stimulates the brain, in a way that produces a euphoric feeling, similar to that experienced through using drugs. This offers a temporary release from psychological stress and acts as a distraction from feelings of sadness, shame, loneliness, anger or fear.

The negative repercussions of emotional overeating:

- The high wears off leaving the person feeling extremely low

- The body puts on extra weight, possibly causing further symptoms of depression

- Overeating taxes the body and it's organs

- A negative cycle of overeating, shame, depression, overeating can occur

6 Strategies to overcoming depression related overeating

  1. Eat real food – this will nourish your cells, tissues, organs, body and mind.
  2. Eat mindfully – take the time to sit down, appreciate, chew and digest your meals
  3. Get sufficient sleep – being under-slept, overworked or exhausted drastically increases your likelihood to overeat.
  4. Reduce your stress levels – breathe, do yoga, meditate, go for a walk, phone a friend!
  5. Journal – getting in tune with your emotions and triggers can help you overcome the need to overeat.
  6. Go easy on yourself & practice self love – Love and compassion heals all pain, so go gentle on yourself, practice self care and get extra support if needed.

In addition to the 6 strategies to overcome depression related overeating, try supplementing with Chromium, one of the active ingredients in Dr. Dave's Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.