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Healthcare Has Gone Green

2 min read

Healthcare Has Gone Green

Healthcare has gone green these days. Offering drug-free alternatives to help alleviate common maladies, like allergies or anxiety, as well as more severe ones, such as seizures, MS and epilepsy. CBD Oil, a plant-based supplement, encourages your body's biochemical network to do what it does naturally, only better! You already have everything you need, so use it!

Managing your nervous system, immune response and well-being is an integral part of your natural physiology. Part of being human, means you are bioengineered to calm yourself down, manage pain and regulate your moods. Starting with early mankind, hunter-gatherers had inherent abilities to run long distances, while healing themselves from overexertion after the threat of a wild animal attack had passed. Our predecessors did not exist in a constant, over-aroused “fight or flight” response.

As evolution preserves what is beneficial to mankind, these self-soothing mechanisms, still inherent in everyone, are primarily influenced by an elaborate network of enzymes, signaling cells and pain receptors, that orchestrate and sustain your overall neurological balance.

In the course of everyday living, sometimes you are thrown off by internal insults or external stressors like higher viral loads, overly demanding work schedules or too little sleep - all common assaults you fend off frequently.

Maybe your autoimmune response is overactivated as your body mistakes your own cells as foreign invaders, attacking the “good guys”, in a friendly fire mistake. Lupus, MS, allergies, thyroid conditions and rheumatoid arthritis are all chronic problems that happen when your body turns on itself, potentially destroying your health and well-being.

Rather than turning to dangerous, addictive drugs, why not throw away your aspirin, ditch your NSAIDs, or Opioids and substitute a non-toxic, botanical approach. Hemp and CBD oil have been around for hundreds of years and are now resurrected as a potential antidote for unremitting pain, anxiety, and psychosis.

Get back on track with Dr. Dave’s Best CBD oil, for help without the high.

Now available in 3 great flavors, Original Flavor, Orange Flavor, and new Peppermint Flavor.

There’s no downside, just the healing power of pure, clean plants, working in sync with your natural biological legacy.