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Harness the power of berries

2 min read

Harness the power of berries

Mother Nature’s bounty to the rescue again, with tiny berries chock full of antioxidants


When you’re just passing through the kitchen, how often do you grab a handful of choke berries or black currants? How about snacking on a bowl of them in front of the TV or serving them at a picnic? Probably never, because choke berries aren’t very tasty and black currants are hard to find.


None the less, if you could, ingesting berries like these are great for your heart.


Your blood vessels are lined by a single layer of cells called the endothelium, a dynamic “organ” whose job is to adjust your blood vessel diameter and wall thickness, expanding and contracting to accommodate blood flow. In response to nerve signals telling your blood vessel to dilate, your endothelium releases a gas called Nitric Oxide, which relaxes your blood vessel walls. This vasodilation is a good thing.  It means increased blood flow to your organs and tissues. That’s how your body maintains healthy blood pressure and reduces clot formation.


Like any other cells, the endothelium is subject to oxidative stress and easily damaged by excess free radicals.


Mother Nature’s choke berries and black currants help support endothelial function by managing this inflammation.  Keeping your endothelium thriving and healthy means better blood flow as your blood vessels are continuously repaired and refreshed as well as created anew.   Dr. Dave’s Best makes harnessing the antioxidant power of these berries as easy as popping two capsules a day.


The capsules are powdered versions of black currants and choke berries. Just like the berries, they contain the same powerful antioxidant compounds called flavonols and anthocyanins.


Here’s some definitions:


Anthocyanins - the pigments in berries that give them that rich purple color and protect the plants against harsh environments like sunlight, cold and drought.  Ingesting them, in turn, transfers these benefits to you, managing oxidative stress and balancing free radicals.


Flavonols – one of the many naturally produced compounds found in plants. Consuming these compounds has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease and improved endurance. 


Your amazing cardio vascular system is always working hard, to keep you optimized and balanced. New capillaries sprout as you need them, sometimes to repair and heal surrounding tissues, other times to support your enhanced athleticism.  Your heart as well is lined with these endothelial cells, as is your lymphatic system.


With some help from you and Dr. Dave’s Best, your partner in wellness, you may be amazed at the benefits you feel. Here are a few of them:

  • Well-regulated blood pressure
  • Viagra like benefits by restoring blood flow through unhealthy arteries.
  • Improved memory by better nerve cell transmission
  • Better sleep quality
  • Enhanced endurance and athletic performance, your secret weapon against lactic acid buildup

Add 2 little purple capsules to your daily routine and reap the benefitsDr. Dave’s Best Cardio Booster helps you manage oxidative stress which optimizes your organ function.  What could be easier?