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Get out, monster Monsanto

2 min read

Monster eyes

How interesting, a few days ago, our First Lady Melania Trump, won’t let any Monsanto products through the door of the White House, despite the FDA’s position that genetically modified foods are safe.

There are a few bold FDA scientists who caution “there is nothing safe about genetic modification”.  Willing to risk their livelihoods, they’ll go “against the grain” to speak the truth as they see it, despite being terminated, threatened or cut off from their funding.  Non-conforming company men, these brave souls have our well being in mind, despite their managements’ marching orders.

The scientific community is well aware of side effects associated with GM foods.  Things like:

  • Compromised nutrition
  • Allergic reactions
  • Toxic herbicide residue
  • Potential effects on hormones, sterility and cancer.
  • Water pollution
  • Reduced natural habitats
  • Inconsistent crop yields

 Nothing good here! And it starts out with the seeds!

 Plants cross pollenate and their seeds transport, so even non-GMO farmers have problems with contamination. Big Food Monsanto exerts such control over individual farmers that they’re forced to take sides and GOOD LUCK if you go against them.

 Americans have been consuming Genetically Modified foods for years. They are found everywhere and their effects are not beneficial, to say the least.

 Melania has asked the right questions and done some digging to discover that we all need to trace our food to its origins. The family’s health depends on it, especially her young son, Barron. Any processed foods derived from GM crops are absolutely banned from their diet. The improvements in their health are profound.

Thank you, First Lady, for doing the research and speaking out in our best interest, your heart is in the right place.