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7 easy steps to unleash your creativity

2 min read

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So, they say that great artists usually start out young, but focus and determination, traits well cultivated in our later years, can make miracles happen.  Based on the stuff all over the internet, we can master new skills and flourish creatively, all our lives.

Actually, we’re not genetically hardwired with artistic talents, or a lack of them.  Turns out that willpower and environmental factors are just as critical, to expressing these gifts.  Yes, genes impact our lives, but our lifestyle can also influence our genes, and in very positive ways.  Our brains shape themselves by the experiences we have.

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The conclusions we can draw are far reaching.  In fact, many of us don’t recognize that we have tremendous potential within, that extends well into our golden years.  We stagnate, because we assume imaginary limitations and construct barriers in our minds, that just aren’t there.

Do not buy into old, obsolete dogma, it’s just not true!

While we may lose some things as we age, maybe we’re a little softer in the middle, or our hair’s a bit grayer than it used to be, talents expressed in our later years are vibrant proof that we profoundly gain purpose, insight and wisdom.  

You have latent talents waiting to be expressed.  Here are a few pointers on how to give them life.

  • Start slowly and be patient. Developing your talents is a very iterative process. Stay with it and move forward, incrementally.
  • Do not get discouraged. Defy self doubt. Face it with fierceness, so it has no choice but to wither and “die on the vine”.  Negativity is no match for your inner power.
  • Look into your past and recall what used to turn you on, before you got overcome by the endless grind. Resurrect these passions and you will be recharged.
  • Take good care of your brain. It’s your best asset.  Workout regularly to move oxygen through your grey matter.  On a daily basis, take Dr. Dave's Best Instant Brain Power to stay sharp and focused.  This all natural supplement, has the same compounds they use to wake up coma patients.  Think of what it can do for an already functioning brain.
  • Start out locally and find a way to hook up with like minded people. There is a synergy in sharing joint passions that catapults you further than you’d go alone.
  • Search out genuine critical feedback from objective sources. Your family and friends have an inherent bias and may see anything you do, with overzealous optimism.  It’s great to be loved, but what you need here is information to hone your skills, not unconditional love.
  • Fuel your enthusiasm and passion to find your inner artist. Find ways to motivate yourself on your journey and don’t get stuck in blind alleys and dead ends.

You’ll be amazed at your newfound energy as you pursue your passions.  It’s like being a kid again!

 Brain plasticity is a fascinating field.  Hang in there, the best is yet to come!

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