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Down the right path – 7 steps to weight loss

2 min read

Winding road

The weight loss journey can lead you down a twisty path with lots of winding curves.  You’ll navigate better, if you follow a few easy directions and stay away from the “dead ends”.

  • Low fat foods are not always a healthy choice. Low fat does not equate to low calorie and often, what these foods lack in fat, they more than make up for in sugar. Also, they may still contain trans fats which can up your risk for heart disease.

Man eating pizza

  • Weekend overindulgences are not so easily managed. Try a “free meal” instead of a “free” weekend. You can very easily undo a week’s worth of discipline if you’re feasting all weekend, while one meal can be compensated for, by extra vigilance the next day.
  • Hyper disciplined eating may backfire. If you’re too restrictive, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  Eat in a way that you can sustain over the long haul.  Balance your diet without denying yourself all your favorite foods, all the time.
  • Exercising without breakfast, forces stored fat to fuel your body, but your muscles would rather have carbs. Your intensity will be reduced and you’re more likely to injure yourself.  Eating frequently and including protein at every meal is a better way to go.

Girl kicking donuts

  • If your parents lost the battle of the bulge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will, especially if you remain physically active and choose your foods wisely. While some people have slower metabolisms than others, you can override your genes.
  • There is no such thing as spot reducing. Exercise burns fat from energy stores everywhere, so you’ll do better with a balanced program that works all your muscle groups.
  • Keeping weight off, once it’s gone is not easy. Many people regain all their weight back and then some, after they swore they’d never, ever let it happen again. That’s where Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnace shines as a natural, thermogenic fat burner.

So, don’t detour or get lost on the road to weight loss.  Help maintain your loss and your metabolism. Take Dr. Dave’s Best Ultra Strength Fat Furnaceto help map the way.

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